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Saxon Fortification at Barwick In Elmet (Barwick in Elmet) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Created after the departure of the Romans C.410 the kingdom of Elmet was created and managed from Barwick in Elmet. When the Anglo-Saxon invaders conquered Holderness, Wolds and Plain of York it was the kingdom of Elmet that halted the westward invasion. The Saxon Edwin invaded Elmet in 617 AD in retaliation for his nephew Hederic's poisoning there in 615 AD. With the kingdom of Elmet dissolved, King Edwin converted and was baptised at York in 627 AD. The king of Northumbria until 632 AD all of Yorkshire was now under Edwin's Saxon rule. The image was published by Robinson, Son & Holdsworth , Leeds, & J. Hurst, Wakefield, 1st May 1816.
[internal reference; 200341_1942080:Local Studies Library Q Y B289: ID]