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Location - Leeds & District

Sheepscar Junction, Road-working vehicles (Sheepscar) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows two road-working vehicles driven by men in suits and flat caps. Their passengers would appear to be dignitaries and it may be to do with extending the tramlines. The vehicles are at Sheepscar junction where Sheepscar Street North, left, Chapeltown Road, centre, and Roundhay Road, off camera, right. Behind the camera are the junction with North Street and Sheepscar Street South. The first electric trams in England using the Thomas-Houston system began running between Sheepscar and Roundhay Park on 11th November 1891. The Leeds Corporation took control of the tramways on 2nd February 1894 and the first route to be completed was between Kirkstall and Roundhay Park on 2nd August 1897. Most of the city's routes were electrified by early 1900s. In the background is Joseph James Mosley, Rent Collector, Estate and Insurance Broker of number 6 Wormald Row, a business established in 1859 and Thomas Petch, butcher, addressed as number 1 Chapeltown Road. The tower of St. Clement's Church is also visible in the background.
[internal reference; 20111031_172855:LQ 388 L517/3]