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Bank Terrace, Silver Jubilee celebrations (Morley)
Black & White image1935. A group of neighbours on Bank Terrace at the top of Chapel Hill, the left hand row being the backs of back-to-back houses at the top of New Bank Street. They have decorated their cul-de-sac street with bunting and pictures of King George V and Queen Mary to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of their reign in 1935. As with most displays at this time Peace and Goodwill formed the principal theme for publicity though this was the year that Adolf Hitler re-militarised the Rhineland. On the extreme left are Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pride. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006323_161032:Morley M 981]
Commemorative mug, silver jubilee, George V, produced for Yeadon (Yeadon)
Colour image1935. Commemorative mug for the silver jubilee of George V produced with the Yeadon crest on the side. George V married Mary of Teck in 1893 and was crowned on June 22nd 1911 after ascending the throne in 1910. This is reflected on the front of the mug.
[internal reference; 2004512_39103335:LEO 258]
Family from the gypsy community, Back Bellbrooke Terrace (Harehills) (2 comments)
Black & White image1977. View of members of the Cunningham and Hunter families on Back Bellbrooke Terrace in Leeds. Number 391 Back Bellbrooke Terrace is seen in the background right. Back Bellbrooke Terrace fronts, at the other side, Harehills Lane. Draped over the wall at the back are decorations for the Silver Jubilee. At this time the Hunter family lived at number 40 Bellbrooke Place.
[internal reference; 201084_171032:LEO 6240]
High Street, Silver Jubilee, Queen, Crown Hotel, Brunswick Hotel. (Wetherby)
Colour image1977 View of the High Street at the time of the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. Red, blue and white bunting has been strung across the street. On the left is the Crown Hotel advertising home cooked bar snacks and basket meals, which were popular at public houses in the 1970s. A sign says 'Welcome to Wetherby', and on the right is the Brunswick Hotel.
[internal reference; 20041012_39159793:LEO/WBY_00112]
King George V Silver Jubilee Committee, group photograph (Garforth) (6 comments)
Black & White image1935. View shows members of the King George V Silver Jubilee Committee, the entertainment and ground committee responsible for the recreation ground built on land opposite Barley Hill Road School. This was given to the council by the Rev. Wilford, Rector of Garforth. Pictured from left to right are : back row - Ned Linley, Billy Grant, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Oxtoby, J. Goodall (yard foreman), Jim Kilburn, Paul Gent; front row - Clarence Roberts, Jack Haswell, George Horn, unknown, W.H. Limbert (undertaker), Fred Hebden.
[internal reference; 201047_170546:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL26]