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Location - Leeds & District

Rooms Lane, Horse-hoeing Husbandry (Morley)
Colour imageJune 1965 View of horse-hoeing husbandry in a large field at the bottom of Rooms Lane. The railway line through St. Bernard's is still in position at this time, and the vista of Leeds in the distance shows some pre-fabs still in place at Cottingley, and Skelton Grange Power Station right on the horizon, at the end of the soil-turned furrow. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20051011_25922793:Morley M 62]
Skelton Grange Power Station (Stourton)
Colour imageUndated. View looks onto Skelton Grange Power Station at Stourton. Five cooling towers are visible along with two smaller chimneys. The two towers to the right and the two chimneys belong to the "A" station which operated between the 1940s and the mid 1980s. The three towers to the left belong to the "B" station, built between 1955 and 1962. This originally had four towers but as only three appear to be visible here it would seem that this photo was taken after 1983-84 when the fourth cooling tower was demolished. The power station closed down in 1993 and the site is now used for Skelton Grange Environment Centre, a conservation and education centre for children run by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Photograph courtesy of Stephen Howden.
[internal reference; 2003102_84911746:LEO 84]
Skelton Grange Power Station (Stourton)
Colour imageDecember 1967. Distant view of Skelton Grange Power Station showing the seven cooling towers. It was taken on a winter's evening at sunset.
[internal reference; 2006117_160351:LEO 914]
Skelton Grange Power Station from Knostrop (Knostrop)
Colour image1989. View of Skelton Grange Power station from Knostrop.
[internal reference; 2009219_168437:LEO 3711]
Skelton Grange Power Station from Knostrop (Knostrop)
Colour image1989. Image shows Skelton Grange Power Station from Knostrop.
[internal reference; 2009219_168438:LEO 3712]