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Search Aspect (Sowden Pit Pumping Station )
Location - Leeds & District

Low Moor Side Lane at the junction with Walsh Lane (Farnley)
Black & White imagec1965. View of Low Moor Side Lane at the junction with Walsh Lane. The white house on the right stands at the junction at the top of Walsh Lane and is called 'Windyridge.' This also shows the pit headgear, left, the small holding, the remaining air shaft and the associated buildings of Sowden Pit Pumping Station which were later demolished.
[internal reference; 201067_170809:LEO 6004]
Sowden Pit Pumping Station, pit headgear (Farnley)
Black & White imagec1965. Image shows pit headgear at Sowden Pumping Station, shortly before demolition. Originally, the long building, the winding house, located behind the headgear, housed steam or electrical winding gear. The interior walls of the building were in white and green glazed brick. A manually operated winch was located to the right of the headgear on top of one of the spoil heaps. The small building at the front was the pumping station and was equipped with new electrical gear in the mid 1960s. The wooden headgear construction was removed long before the winding house was eventually demolished. The shale spoil heaps, locally known as Big Hill and Little Hill, were used for cycling and sledging by the local children. A Morris Traveller is parked in the foreground.
[internal reference; 201067_170808:LEO 6003]