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Location - Leeds & District

Postcard showing four views (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. Postcard showing four local beauty spots. Top left is the Spa Baths on the River Wharfe, top right is Thorp Arch Bridge, bottom left, a peaceful view of the River Wharfe, bottom right, Jackdaw Crag, accessed from the foot of the bridge along the south bank of the River.
[internal reference; 2006310_160873:Frith/Box1/B156/BNA36]
Spa Baths at the River Wharfe (Boston Spa) (1 comment)
Black & White image1897. A peaceful scene showing a rowing boat on the river Wharfe and Spa Baths in the background.
[internal reference; 2006313_160926:Frith/Box1/B156/1]
Spa Baths at the River Wharfe (Boston Spa)
Black & White image1897. A late nineteenth century image showing the Spa Baths beside the River Wharfe. To the right of the building seating has been arranged and three men are passing the time of day. The mineral spring for which Boston Spa is well known was first discovered in 1744 by a labourer named John Shires.
[internal reference; 2006313_160927:Frith/Box1/B156/2]
Spa Baths at the River Wharfe (Boston Spa)
Black & White image1897. The famous spring of mineral water was discovered here by an elderly man out cutting brush wood in 1744, by the name of John Shires. Over the years the village of Boston grew and hotels were built to accommodate visitors. It is thought that the baths were built between 1810 and 1819 beginning with a pump room and then the bath room. The Spa Bath Company was founded in 1834 with seven shareholders.
[internal reference; 200719_162663:Frith Collection LEEDS 41 Boston Spa 10]
Spa Baths at the River Wharfe (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. This image, possibly taken in the late nineteenth century, shows the old Spa Baths on the banks of the River Wharfe. In the background Thorp Arch bridge can be seen linking Boston Spa with Thorp Arch. Steps descend from the Baths to the river and a trio of men pose for the camera where rowing boats are moored.
[internal reference; 200719_162664:Frith Collection LEEDS 41 Boston Spa 11]