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Location - Leeds & District

Bowling Green, Springhead Park. (Rothwell)
Black & White image16th May 1936. Photograph taken at the official opening of the Bowling green also shows tennis courts and landscaped gardens of Springhead Park.
[internal reference; 200226_65795535:RO 1340]
Group of Girls, Springhead Park (Oulton)
Black & White imagec1900. Image shows a group of girls and women, believed to have been taken in Springhead Park. The occasion is not known.
[internal reference; 2018414_176575:LEo 8958]
Merchant Navy Week, Crowning of the Queen. (Rothwell) (1 comment)
Black & White image1945. Photograph taken in Springhead Park to commemorate Merchant Navy Week 29th September-6th October 1945. Back Row. Left to Right. J.C Harrison, Mrs Smart, Cllr. Smart, C.Overbury, E.F. Moorhouse, Mrs Dobson, W.E.Moorhouse, Mrs Capewell. Front Row. Cllr. Blackman, Cllr. Capewell, Miss Oakes, Miss Cheseborough, Miss Benford (Queen), Miss Butterfield, Miss Davies.
[internal reference; 200226_20161074:RO 1395]
Rothwell Vicarage, Woodlesford Lane (Rothwell)
Black & White image1907. View of the Vicarage on Woodlesford Lane, now Park Lane. It was built around 1872, and looked out over Springhead Park, which is now part of the much larger Rothwell Park. In 1962 the building, with new extensions, opened as Springhead Park Approved School for Girls, and in 1973 became a Community Home, before closing in 1986. The building is now used as business premises.
[internal reference; 201843_176554:LEO 8947]
Rothwwell Vicarage (Rothwell)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows the main entrance to Rothwell Vicarage from Woodlesford Lane, now named Park Lane. The vicarage was built around 1872 and looked out over Springhead Park, now part of Rothwell Park. The building re-opened with new extensions in 1962 as Springhead Park Approved School for Girls. In 1973 it became a Community Home, before closing in 1986. It is now in use as business premises.
[internal reference; 2018421_176592:LEO 9032]