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Location - Leeds & District

Chapel Lane, junction with High Street (Clifford)
Black & White image10th June 1936 View of the newly built traffic island in Chapel Lane at the junction with the High Street. Demolition had recently taken place to widen the road here. The gates of St Edward's Roman Catholic Church can be seen far right. A sign directs traffic keep left.
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Chapel Lane, St Edward's Church (Clifford)
Black & White image28th June 1926 View of the tower of the Catholic Church of St Edward taken most likely from Chapel Lane. Two small boys perch on a wall in the foreground. Three women stroll along the road towards the camera with baby carriages.
[internal reference; 2004714_4433840:Wetherby Collection/Vol5/Y914.281/Wet5]
High Street, showing St Edward's Church (Clifford)
Black & White image12th March 1909 View of the High Street showing the Catholic Church of St Edward on the right opposite the junction with Old Mill Lane between the buildings, left. Figures in period dress can be just glimpsed in the High Street.
[internal reference; 2004714_46725100:Wetherby Collection/Vol5/Y914.281/Wet9]
St Edward's Church (Clifford)
Black & White image5th July 1926 View of St Edward's Church from a location in the vicinity of the High Street. The Catholic Church opened on 24th May 1848. The tower was not completed until 1867 and was partially funded by Ralph Grimston whose family had been instrumental in the founding of the Church.
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St Edward's Church (Clifford)
Black & White image12th March 1909 Rear view of St Edward's Church situated at the junction of Chapel Lane with the High Street. The Church opened on 24th May 1848.
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