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Location - Leeds & District

St Martin's Church, Chapeltown Road (Potternewton)
Black & White imagec1888 This image shows the clergy and choir of St Martin's in the grounds of the church on Chapeltown Road. The Church of England property is recorded as seating 708 and was consecrated by the Bishop of Ripon on 19th April 1881.
[internal reference; 200456_19097536:T/L1J/St.Martin/3]
St Martin's Church, Chapeltown Road, Interior (Potternewton)
Black & White imageUndated Image shows the interior of St Martin's Church. Just visible on the right of the image is the organ located on the left of the alter.
[internal reference; 200456_11347597:T/L1J/St.Martin/2]
St Martin's Church, Chapeltown Road, Outing (Potternewton)
Black & White imageUndated This 1888 image shows a church outing to Bolton Woods. This picture gives a good example of the periods fashions. Also note wothy on this point is that with the exception of the two gentlemen at the front of the group who hold them on their knees, every other person is wearing a hat.
[internal reference; 200456_73040408:T/L1J/St.Martin/1]
St Martin's Church, Interior Postcard (Potternewton) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Constructed in 1881 on Chapeltown Road, interior view of aisle and altar.
[internal reference; 20021216_19916933:Leeds Church No 20 LQ 283 K634]