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Church of St Mary The Virgin (Boston Spa)
Colour image2003 Church of St Mary the Virgin, built in the early 1800s, various work was carried out in the following years. A plan to rebuild the church could not be carried out, due to the cost. Instead, architect Walter Hinshaw Parkinson totally altered the interior of the church. The church was reopened on 31st October 1873. The tower, seen in this view was built by 1894. There are many memorials to local families.
[internal reference; 2004114_5204409:Community Photographs (Pack 8) no. 22]
Church of St Mary The Virgin (Boston Spa)
Colour image2003 This is the parish church for Boston Spa, building began in the early 1800s, the tower rebuilt by 1894. There are numerous memorials for local families.
[internal reference; 2004114_85198611:Community Photographs (Pack 8) no. 24]
Church of St Mary The Virgin (Boston Spa)
Colour image2003 This is the Parish church for Boston Spa. The foundation stones were laid by William Gossip of Thorp Arch Hall and architect Samuel Taite, on 28th March 1812. The church was consecrated as a Chapel of Ease to Bramham by Archbishop Verron Harcourt on Boxing Day 1814. In the following years various additions were made, a plan to rebuild the church faltered because of the expense.
[internal reference; 2004114_8803957:Community Photographs (Pack 8) no. 21]
Mount St Mary's Church, interior (Richmond Hill) (39 comments)
Black & White imageNovember 1936. View down the nave of Mount St Mary's Church looking at the altar. The foundation stone was laid in 1853 and the nave and side aisles completed in 1857. It was built to serve the Irish immigrant community who had settled in this area after escaping the famine in Ireland. The church was closed in 1989.
[internal reference; 2003108_56226748:Thoresby 39 LIJE]
Mount St Mary's Church, Interior (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Black & White image1905 Postcard view of the interior of Mount St Mary's Church. The foundation stone for this church was laid in 1853, it was largely to serve the Irish immigrant population, who were in desperate need of aid, having sought refuge from the Famine of 1845-51 in Ireland. By 1857 the Nave and side aisles had been completed by Joseph Hansom and William Wardell E.W. Pugin designed the transcepts and channel. It was in the decorated Gothis Style. It was a church renowned for community involvement and school. It was closed in 1989. Unfortunately it was stripped of artefacts and fittings and is now in need of restoration for any alternative use.
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