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Location - Leeds & District

South Accommodation Road (Cross Green)
Black & White image2nd July 1938. Premises of B. Clark and Nephews oil merchants at Crown Oil Works. Premises with fence and railings, sign painted on roof. The church in the background is St. Hilda's, on Cross Green Lane. Street furniture includes gas lamp, telegraph pole and road direction sign which reads 'By Pass Road' with arrow.
[internal reference; 200244_5038088:C LIC Acc (3)]
South Accommodation Road, stage 7 of Inner Ring Road under construction. (Hunslet)
Colour image2006. Image taken from the sixth floor office of South Point in South Accommodation Road showing construction underway of stage 7 of the Inner Ring Road. Clarence Road comes in from the centre of the left edge. South Accommodation Road runs from towards the bottom left to top right. The light coloured building is 'Tile em High', a tile warehouse. The red brick buildings are Airebank works adjacent to these is the River Aire. South Accommodation Road crosses the river and bends left to join Cross Green Lane. St. Hilda's Church at Cross Green is visible top right. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Marsden
[internal reference; 200782_164379:LEO 1967]
South Accommodation Road, The Cross Green (Cross Green) (1 comment)
Colour image2007. View of South Accommodation Road looking south-east towards the Cross Green public house on Cross Green Lane. On the right is St. Hilda's Parish Church, also situated on Cross Green Lane. Image courtesy of Leslie Cole.
[internal reference; 2012523_173593:LEO 5997]
St. Hilda's Church, Cross Green Lane (Cross Green) (1 comment)
Colour imageUndated. View of St. Hilda's Church seen from Cross Green Lane. The foundation stone for this church was laid on 4th September 1876 and it was consecrated on 18th September 1882. Designed by J.T. Micklethwaite, it cost £8,000 and provided seats for 300. The church was originally built as an additional place of worship for the parish of St. Saviour on Ellerby Road, as the population of the area was rapidly increasing at that time, but it later became a parish in its own right. It has long been associated with the Oxford Movement, who believed in the keeping of Catholic tradition within the Anglican church; its founder was one of the leaders of that movement, Dr. E.B. Pusey. Image courtesy of Paul Farnill.
[internal reference; 2012620_173742:LEO 5951]
St. Hilda's Church. Postcard (Cross Green) (5 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View showing interior of St. Hilda's Church on Cross Green Lane, the foundation stone of which was laid September 4th 1876. It was completed in 1882, at a cost of £8,000 and consecrated on September 18th 1882.
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