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Aerial View, Barwick Road, Stanks Drive (Swarcliffe) (24 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, This aerial view dates from the 1960s. Barwick Road runs from left to right across the lower half of this view. Towards the left is the junction with Penda's Way which runs from the bottom edge. The Cock Beck public house is situated just below this junction. This pub is still running today. Stanks Drive begins in the centre of the left edge runs to the right then curves up towards the top edge.
[internal reference; 20031021_33585757:D LIB Swarcliffe (4)]
Grimes Dyke Primary School, Stanks Drive (Swarcliffe) (5 comments)
Colour image2000. View of Grimes Dyke Primary School in Stanks Drive showing one of the three hard surface playing areas. There are also extensive playing fields and an enclosed quadrangle for environmental studies. Grimes Dyke Primary School has extra facilities to cater for children with speech and language difficulties.
[internal reference; 2003911_12485903:MIL A/1. No.22]
Grimes Dyke Primary School, Stanks Drive (Swarcliffe) (6 comments)
Colour image2000. View of Grimes Dyke Primary School situated in Stanks Drive and named after 'Grimes Dyke', the small stream which flows beneath York Road and into the Cock Beck. 'Grime' is from the Old Norse or Old English and is a by name for the heathen god Woden. This view of the red brick school also shows one of the three hard surface playing areas. It is painted to stimulate imaginative physical play and learning. There is an alphabet snake, a train track and a map of Great Britain, amongst other games. Wooden seating has been placed on a paved area at the edge of the playground for quieter playtimes. The school has fully enclosed play areas for the very young children at the Foundation stage. The motto of Grimes Dyke Primary School is 'Share and Care'.
[internal reference; 2003911_24074954:MIL A/1. No.23]
Langbar Grange Residential Flats. (Swarcliffe) (9 comments)
Colour image2000. This photograph is most likely taken from the vicinity of Stanks Drive looking across green space to Langbar Grange, a 15-storey, 44 metre high block of flats built in 1966. This is one of six tower blocks to be demolished as part os a £100M scheme to re-develop the Swarcliffe estate. 710 new homes will be built and 1600 houses and flats will be renovated and refurbished. Swarcliffe has been chosen by the government as a Public Private Finance Initiative.
[internal reference; 2003911_11242312:MIL A/1. No.24]
Leeds Road, aerial view (Swarcliffe)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view looking south-west from Leeds Road towards Stanks Bridge, the crossing point of the Leeds and Wetherby Railway Line (now dismantled), becoming Barwick Road as it turns to the right. On the left, Penda's Way leads off through Stanks and Manston, while on the right Stanks Lane and Stanks Drive lead off through Swarcliffe. Seacroft is in the background.
[internal reference; 2010129_170146:C LIB STANKS 7]