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Knowsthorpe Swing Bridge, River Aire (Knostrop) (1 comment)
Colour image18th November 1999. This area was previously known as Knostrop and the image shows the joining of the Aire and Calder navigation Knostrop cut in the centre with the river Aire on the right. The machanisms seen in the foreground are used to operate the swing bridge and flood gate. The red brick building on the left of the river is a disused warehouse. A sign in the centre of the image gives directions to Leeds for barges.
[internal reference; 2003331_26421755:MIL (Waterfront) Box no.57, no. 24a]
Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Ross Mill Swing Bridge and Rossett Business Park (Rodley) (1 comment)
Colour imageSpring 2004. Image shows the Leeds & Liverpool Canal spanned by the Ross Mill Swing Bridge. The stone built Ross Mill stands in the background and was a woollen manufacturers, for many years William Pearson & Co. (Leeds) Ltd. operated the mill. Now it is divided into separate units housing a variety of individual businesses known collectively as Rossett Business Park. The address is Rodley Lane.
[internal reference; 2005426_91354007:LEO 560]
Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Rodley Swing Bridge (Rodley)
Colour image2000/2001 View of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Rodley, from Rodley Swing Bridge. The stone building in the centre is the Rodley Barge public house, which is right on the edge of the canal from this side. At the other side it fronts Town Street (numbers 182-184) and is situated at the junction with Canal Road. The properties and the vehicles on the right are in Canal Road.
[internal reference; 201183_172514:LEO 5509]
Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Lodge Bridge (Calverley)
Black & White image1969. View shows Lodge Bridge, a swing bridge spanning the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, numbered 215. This bridge is believed to have been built solely for the farmer of Lodge Farm, beside Lodge Wood, to access his fields on the other side, which had become inaccessible after the canal was built in the late 1700s. A young woman stands on the bridge wearing a fashionable mini-length coat.
[internal reference; 20041221_28242129:LEO 533]
Rodley Swing Bridge (Rodley) (2 comments)
Colour imagec1950s. Artwork by Joe Tunnington showing Rodley Swing Bridge and Bridge End Farm in the background, left. Canal Road is on the left.
[internal reference; 2012423_173489:LEO 5913]