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Tab Street to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel (Bank) (19 comments)
Black & White imagec1930s. View along Tab Street to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel which had seating for a congregation of 1450. The chapel is approached via a flight of steep steps at the end of Tab Street, on Church Street. Church Street runs from left to right in front of the steps. To the right of the chapel St. Mary's Convent and College can be seen. The photograph is taken from near the junction with Copper Street (off camera, left). Brass Street is the next junction on the left, where the door and 3 steps are visible on the corner. Behind the properties on the right is Musgrave's Fold. All these streets were included in the slum clearance programme of the 1930s. They were designated part of the 'Marsh Lane Unhealthy area'. In the 1950s the locality became the site of Saxton Gardens, a series of residential tower blocks.
[internal reference; 200986_169329:LQP 352.7 L517/2]