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Cottages, The, numbers 1 and 2 (Armley) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Image shows old stone-built, two storey dwellings known as 'The Cottages' and now numbered 1 and 2. The Cottages are located in Houghley Lane in what is part of Bramley Hill Top Conservation area. It is likely that the image dates from the 1920s as the hedges seen in the foreground, belonging to the back gardens of cottages in Houghley Lane, appear to have been recently planted. These cottages were newly built in the 1920s. An old map shows Hill Top Farm on the site in 1908.
[internal reference; 2004316_20388430:T LIE Wyther]
Houghley Lane, The Cottage (Bramley) (1 comment)
Black & White image3rd May 1965. View shows The Cottage, a farmhouse built in 1646. This is the east facing side of the property showing the original doorway to the left with a square porch, seen on the right, which was a later addition to the property. The house is now Grade II listed and is divided into two properties, numbers 1 and 2 The Cottage. Number 3 The Cottage is a separate property.
[internal reference; 200438_45850772:T LIE Cottage (1)]
Houghley Lane, The Cottage (Bramley)
Black & White imageMay 1965. View looks across gardens onto the eastern front of The Cottage off Houghley Lane. To the left of the building is the original double-fronted section of the house with a six light mullioned window, bottom left. The slightly taller section to the right was added at a later date.
[internal reference; 200438_88346500:T LIE Cottage (4)]
Houghley Lane, The Cottage, Interior (Bramley)
Black & White image3rd May 1965. View shows the kitchen of a farmhouse built in 1646. This Grade II listed building is known as The Cottage and is situated off Houghley Lane. Wooden units line the wall to the right. A fire place is visible to the left. On the far wall there appears to be a serving hatch.
[internal reference; 200438_20272463:T LIE Cottage (2)]
Houghley Lane, The Cottage, Interior (Bramley)
Black & White imageJune 1965. The Cottage was built in the 17th Century as a farmhouse for Richard Ellison of Hill Top Farm. The property later became a gentlemans residence before being divided into three seperate houses. This view shows part of the kitchen. White painted cupboards and drawers can be seen to the left with a fireplace and a sink to the right. Double doors are visible on the far wall.
[internal reference; 200438_63161868:T LIE Cottage (3)]