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Temple Newsam House, The Terrace Room (Temple Newsam)
Black & White imagec. 1960. View of the Terrace Room. Until 1768 this had been the site of the original early Tudor staircase. In 1768 John Carr built another staircase and this room became an ante-chamber. The wall with the fireplace was inserted in the 1790s and Lady Hertford had it panelled in 1827 and hung with tapestries, although these were sold in 1922.
[internal reference; 2003115_90322513:Temple Newsam House 22]
The Terrace (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the Terrace, located between the High Street and the River Wharfe. The large building was erected by Kelita Kitchen & Co. as a Hotel, and Kitchen built his own house at right angles to it. It dates from about 1790, and imitated the syle of the Granby at Harrogate, known as The Hotel, it was thought to be in an enviable position close to the river which would attract many visitors to the spa town. This did not happen, however, and in 1797 the Hotel was sold to Rev. John Peers who reopened it as a 'Seminary for the Education of Young Gentlemen'. Over the next hundred years several smaller schools were founded in The Terrace and some of the buildings became private dwellings. This view looks in the direction of the River Wharfe.
[internal reference; 2006310_160868:Frith/Box1/B156/BNA33]
The Terrace (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. This Image shows The Terrace situated in an area between the High Street and River Wharfe. The building started life as a hotel between 1788 and 1790. Kelita Kitchen & Co were the builders and Kelita Kitchen's own house was built at right angles to the hotel. It was bought by Rev. John Peers in about 1797 and converted to a Seminary. Throughout the next century, and in the early twentieth century, other smaller were founded here. Some of these reverted back to private housing over the years.
[internal reference; 2006310_160870:Frith/Box1/B156/BNA34]
The Terrace, Woodhouse Lane (Woodhouse)
Black & White imageUndated, This row of houses was situated off Woodhouse Lane to the side of number 146. It faced the old Society of Friends Meeting House, now the BBC Studio. The houses were demolished to accommodate the Inner Ring Road.
[internal reference; 20031127_43189639:WYAS Park Lane, Box 88, no. 71]