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Gledhow Lane and Thorn Lane, junction (Gledhow)
Black & White image30th September 1936. View shows the corner of Gledhow Lane (foreground) and Thorn Lane during improvement. Mature trees can be seen behind the wall on the right while other trees line the path opposite.
[internal reference; 64:C LIB Gled 8]
Gledhow Lane, looking towards junction with Thorn Lane (Gledhow)
Black & White image15th August 1936. View shows Gledhow Lane as it approaches the junction with Thorn Lane. A high stone wall can be seen with mature trees behind.
[internal reference; 63:C LIB Gled 9]
Oakley Housing Estate, semi-detached house under construction (Gledhow)
Black & White image16th July 1946. Image shows a semi-detched house under construction as part of the Oakley housing estate built at this time in the Gledhow area, possibly on Thorn Lane. A ladder leans against the house, where the roof is yet to be finished.
[internal reference; 2002820_85589236:C LIB OAKLEY (2)]
Thorn Lane (Gledhow) (1 comment)
Black & White image23rd July 1946. Picture shows the developments on a new housing estate on Thorn Lane. The houses are on the left hand side while trees and bushes line the right. Rubble, bricks, wood and debris are scattered throughout the centre of the picture.
[internal reference; 6071:CLIC Thorn 4]
Thorn Lane and Gledhow Lane, junction (Gledhow)
Black & White image15th August 1936 View looking north from Thorn Lane towards the junction with Gledhow Lane. A man and cart are seen in the road.
[internal reference; 200258_93960208:C LIC Thorn (2)]