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Location - Leeds & District

Rothwell Councillors Visit Thornhill Power Station, Dewsbury (Outside Leeds)
Black & White image22nd June 1938. Formal meal for Rothwell Councillors Visiting Thornhill Power Station. 1,Cllr. A. Roberts 2,Cllr. A.R. Cocayne 3,Mr. F. Butterick (Rent Collector) 4,Mr. F. Hartley (Architect) 5,Cllr. C.W. Wilson 6,Cllr. G.P. Hollings 7,Cllr. A. Newton 8,Cllr. R. Hartley(Chairman of the Council) 9,Mr. E.F. Moorhouse (Clerk of the Council) 10,Cllr. Mrs. I.E. Slater. 11,Cllr. H. Jackson 12,Cllr. E. Holroyd 13,Cllr. W. Hoult 14,Mr. T. Wilson (Sanitary Inspector) 15,Cllr. B. Armitage 16,Cllr. W.H. Phillips
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