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Austhorpe Hall (Austhorpe) (14 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, This postcard view shows Austhorpe Hall which was built in 1694 by John More. It is a large, elegant house built of brick with stone detailing and a central pediment. The carved staircase from Austhorpe Hall is now situated in Seacroft Grange.
[internal reference; 2004316_75349063:T LIE Whitkirk (1)]
Austhorpe Hall, Austhorpe Lane (Austhorpe) (23 comments)
Black & White image11th January 1950. View of Austhorpe Hall from muddy road across a field towards the house. The wall of the field is dry stone. There is a five barred gate and hedge round the field. The left hand side of the road was shortly to be developed into a row of semi-detached houses.
[internal reference; 3106:C LIE Austhorpe Hall 1]
Austhorpe Lane, Austhorpe Hall (Austhorpe)
Colour image1973. View of Austhorpe Hall, situated on Austhorpe Lane. This mansion was long the home of the More family, having been built by John More in 1694. It is still standing today (2009) and is now a listed building.
[internal reference; 20091019_169628:LEO 4530]
Austhorpe Lane, Austhorpe Hall (Austhorpe) (3 comments)
Black & White image11th January 1950. View of Austhorpe Hall on Austhorpe Lane surrounded by a low stone wall with large trees in the garden. To the left are farm buildings and a telegraph pole. The brick built house has stone cornering and detailing, a large white door and thirteen tall windows. The far upper window is obscured by ivy. The view is taken from the driveway of no. 121 Austhorpe Lane.
[internal reference; 8573:CLIE Austhorpe Hall 2]
Osmondthorpe Old Hall, Osmondthorpe Lane (Osmondthorpe) (11 comments)
Black & White image2nd June 1931. View of Osmondthorpe Old Hall on the east side of Osmondthorpe Lane showing the front of the property. Houses just below the Hall stand on what was formerly the grounds and is now part of the Rookwood housing estate. It is not clear whether this property was part of the farm which belonged to Osmondthorpe Old Hall as the hall has been described as a large, square building. The building in the image was certainly occupied by farmers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Osmondthorpe Old Hall was demolished and then rebuilt in 1814. This property may date from that period but was then demolished in the 1930s. Osmondthorpe Old Hall is not to be confused with the early 18th Century 'Osmondthorpe Hall' which stood on the west side of Osmondthorpe Lane and was destroyed by a fire in 1924. The grounds of this mansion were sold to the council in 1886 for the creation of East End Park. This involved constructing a new road from York Road through the park - a broad tree-lined avenue called Victoria Avenue.
[internal reference; 2002320_36794680:C LIE Osmond (1)]