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Location - Leeds & District

Bradford Road Bridge Construction of the M62. (West Ardsley)
Colour imageJuly 1969. This is the construction of the M62, the Lancashire - Yorkshire Motorway in July 1969. The first part to be built was the Bradford Road Bridge carrying the A650 across the motorway, seen in the background. a West Riding Bus is visible crossing the bridge. The photograph was taken from a footbridge crossing the Motorway at the position of Rien Road. The road link wasn't maintained on Rein Road while the Motorway was being constructed across it. The whole complex was finished by the end of 1971. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007329_163173:WA 002]
Croft House Estate, looking towards Tingley gasworks (Morley)
Colour imageMay 1968. Photograph taken from an area of the Croft House estate, still being built by Lindley Bros., across to Tingley gasworks on the horizon. The route of Station Road is below the roofs of the bungalows. Albert Road which runs much higher is shown across the middle of the rest of the photo. The bumpy spoil heap of Morley Main Colliery (closed 1909) is being flattened out by infilling with extra soil so that the land can be reclaimed. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2005107_580996:Morley M 354]
Dunningley, view across Dewsbury Road to Tingley Gasworks (West Ardsley)
Colour imageJuly 1966. This image is looking from Dunningley across Dewsbury to Tingley Gasworks. The land is owned by Thomas W. Ward of Sheffield. Photograph from the David atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200743_163216:WA 050]
Plate Road, (The) (Morley)
Colour imageMay 1960. Until 1962 the area used for building the Croft House Bungalow Estate was as shown on this image. Behind the Nelson's Arms there were some allotments called the Cally Gardens (California) and the remains of the Old Flower Show Ground, which until nearly 1960 was used by the Birks Methodist Chapel as a cricket field. Further towards New Bank Street were open fields, most of them cultivating rhubarb. Some low red brick rhubarb sheds can be seen alongside the road that starts in the foreground of this image. This road was known as the Plate Road. It was built to transport coal from Morley Main Colliery to Victoria (Elland) Road and so on to Leeds, Huddersfield etc. The Plate Road came from the pit shafts in Albert Road across a tunnel near the top of the station steps, then across a viaduct built across Station Road between the Crank Mill and the Valley Inn. Coal was a heavy load and so iron plates were laid, about the width of the cart wheels apart, so that they didn't get stuck in ruts when crossing soft, muddy ground. The old colliery tip of Morley Main Colliery can be seen in front of the houses on Albert Road. Chimneys of the Crank and Brunswick Mills are also visible and Tingley Gasworks is on the horizon. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006213_160683:Morley M 183]
Tingley gasworks (Tingley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Early image of Tingley gasworks. It shows the pipework transporting the coal gas from the retorts at Tingley. Photograph from the david atkinson archive.
[internal reference; 2007123_165540:WA0629-BW]