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Aerial View, Tong Road (Armley) (10 comments)
Black & White image1963 This aerial view of the Armley area has Tong Road running diagonally from the top to bottom right. The railway line can be seen in the centre. On the right edge, in the middle is St Bartholomews Church.
[internal reference; 20031030_77979678:D LIB Armley (2)]
Aerial View, Tong Road, West Leeds High School (Armley) (4 comments)
Black & White image1963 Tong Road runs across the lower half of this view from left to right. The junction with Silver Royd Hill can be seen in the centre right. West Leeds Girls School is in the centre of the view with West Leeds Boys above and to the right. The girls school is now West Leeds High School and the boy's has been converted to flats.
[internal reference; 20031017_67522830:D LIB Wortley (1)]
Amberley Buildings, Tong Road (Wortley) (7 comments)
Black & White image14th May 1965. Situated between numbers 97 and 97a Tong Road, these were the Amberley Buildings, a row of commercial properties which went through to residential buildings on Florence Street. Numbers run from number 1, the Automat Ltd, to the right in ascending order. Numbers 2 and 3 are Rhinds, television contractors and dealers. There is also a hairdressers, business of Albert H. Meechan at number 5.
[internal reference; 2003326_34305972:WYAS (Cheltenham St) Box no.33/1, no.173]
Amberley Buildings, Tong Road no.97 (Wortley) (4 comments)
Black & White image17th May 1965. On the left edge of this view is part of the row of shops known as Amberley buildings on Tong Road. Number 5, on the left edge is Albert H. Meechan, hairdresser, number 6 is William Pollard, boot repairer. The larger building on the end of the row is number 97 Tong Road. This had been the Alexandra Working Mens Club and institute until the 1940s and is now a printing works, business of Albert Stott.
[internal reference; 2003326_51964968:WYAS (Cheltenham St) Box no.33/1, no.175]
Amberley Road, nos. 77, 79, Tong Road, no 99 (Wortley) (7 comments)
Black & White image21st May 1965, View looks at the junction of Amberley Road and Tong Road. Number 77 Amberley Road can be seen on the left, a three storey building. Moving right, number 79, then number 99 Tong Road, a sweet and tobacco shop and newsagents, business of E.H. and D. Brunton. Posters advertise various magazines and newspapers including an article on Face Lifts for Men in Reveille.
[internal reference; 2003320_7598513:WYAS Cheltenham Street. Tong Road. Box 33/2. No 243]