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Location - Leeds & District

Ivegate, looking towards the Town Hall Square. (Yeadon)
Black & White image17th December 1980. View of Ivegate looking in the direction of the Town Hall Square. Number 7 Ivegate is at the left edge with a car park in the foreground. The buildings behing the telegraph pole are in the High Street and numbering begins with 2. In the background, at the other side of Town Hall Square is Yeadon Library. There are cars parked on the cobbled Town Hall Square. Properties on the right begin with Economy Spares Motor Accessories at number 12 Ivegate. Next is Crown Public House, then numbers 10, 8, 6 and 4. The Tower of the Town Hall rises above the buildings, centre.
[internal reference; 2007910_164699:S LIC IVEG 2]
Town Hall Square, viewed from High Street (Yeadon) (5 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Early view of Yeadon, looking across the Town Hall Square from the vicinity of the High Street. Rawnsley's confectioners/grocers shop is to the left of the image and this was to be replaced by the Co-op, which in turn became Yeadon Library. Yeadon Town Hall, located on Town Hall Square in the High Street, dates from 1880. To the centre of the image is a horse-drawn omnibus.
[internal reference; 2002429_36332339:RA 2034]
Town Hall Square, Yeadon Library (Yeadon)
Colour imagec1980s. View of Yeadon Branch Library situated in Town Hall Square. Once Rawnsley's confectioners and grocers shop, the building was later a branch of the Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society before becoming a library. Just visible on the left is Ralph Cuthbert, chemist, on High Street.
[internal reference; 20081024_167639:S LIHL YEAD 1]
Town Hall Square, Yeadon Library (Yeadon)
Colour image20th March 2007. View of Yeadon Branch Library situated on Town Hall Square. High Street is seen on the left.
[internal reference; 20081124_167922:LIBRARIES MAR 2007 PACK 1/2]
Town Hall Square, Yeadon Library (Yeadon)
Colour image20th March 2007. View of Yeadon Branch Library, seen here from High Street. The library faces onto Town Hall Square on the right.
[internal reference; 20081124_167923:LIBRARIES MAR 2007 PACK 1/3]