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Double Deck Trolley Bus (Farnley)
Black & White imagec1920. Double decker trolley bus no 510 on route to Farnley
[internal reference; 8321:LISB (23) (browsing neg no 139)]
Kirkstall Road Tram Works, Demonstration, R.E.T. Trolley Bus, Car number 50 (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White image1914. Image taken at Kirkstall Road Tram Works in 1914 where there is a demonstration of a Railless Electric Traction Co. Trolley Bus, car number 50. Leeds and Bradford both opened the first trolleybus services to run in Britain, on 20th June 1911.
[internal reference; 20111027_172848:LQ 388 L517/57]
Kirkstall Works, last horse-drawn bus (Kirkstall) (2 comments)
Black & White image1911. Image shows the very last of the horse-drawn buses, photograph at Kirkstall Works in Kirkstall Road in 1911. The bus has seats for 10 passengers and a destination of Old Farnley. The first horse-drawn bus service began in Leeds in 1838 with a route to Far Headingley. On 21st June 1911 a new trolley bus system opened for the Farnley route which ran between City Square and New Farnley. Leeds was the first City to pioneer the trolley bus system with Bradford only a few days behind.
[internal reference; 2012112_173110:LQ 388 L517/162]
Leeds Buses, Trolley Bus (Guiseley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, View shows a Leeds City Transport Trolley Bus running from Guiseley to Otley. Trolleybuses had rubber tyres (like a standard bus or car) and ran on normal roads. However, they collected their power from overhead lines. This is a Leeds trolleybus fleet number 505
[internal reference; 2003103_95663089:D LIU (20)]
Leeds Trolley Bus (Unknown)
Black & White imagec1911. Image shows the rear of a Leeds Trolley Bus with a trolley skate. The trolley bus system in Leeds operated between 1911 and 1928 and was launched on 20th June 1911. Along with Bradford it was the first trolley bus system to be adopted in the United Kingdom. There were just three routes; Leeds - Lower Wortley - Farnley - Moor Top, Guiseley - Otley and Guiseley - Burley-in-Wharfedale. The four trolley buses were manufactured by the Railless Electric Traction Company.
[internal reference; 2011112_172868:LQ 388 L517/19]