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Atha Yard, Rear View of Hanover Street, Upper Town Street no. 366 (Bramley)
Black & White image21st April 1960 View from Atha Yard off Upper Town Street showing the backs of through-by-light stone built dwellings in Hanover Street. A high backed seat, known as a settle, stands in the yard and was possibly built by the firm of Willaim Smith, joiner and funeral director at number 366 Upper Town Street which backs onto this yard, off camera, left. An old Austin is parked inside the yard.
[internal reference; 20031119_71621341:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 290]
Barker's Place nos. 2, 4, 6 (Bramley) (2 comments)
Black & White image7th April 1960 Looking in the direction of Upper Town Street (glimpsed in the background, right). On the left the two wooden doors belong to coal houses. Adjacent is number 6, next with white painted steps, number 4, then number 2 situated close to the narrow entrance to Barker's Place off Upper Town Street.
[internal reference; 20031119_92266483:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 254]
Barker's Place, Stone built, lock up store (Bramley)
Black & White image7th April 1960 This stone building with padlocked wooden doors is situated in Barker's Place at the rear of number 8 Bell Lane. From the late ninetenth century until well into the twentieth century it was used by painter and decorator James Albert Naylor to store his ladders and equipment. Mr Naylor ran his business from 271 Upper Town Street. He specialised in painting Chapels and Churches and was skilled in gilding and stencilling. His work included the Moriah Chapel and the Ebenezer and Wesley Place Chapels. He was also responsible for the original decoration of Armley Public Library, or Free Library as it was then known. The library has recently been refurbished and has celebrated its centenary.
[internal reference; 20031119_57481021:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 252]
Barker's Yard no. 1 (Bramley)
Black & White image7th April 1960 Single Storey brick built stone buildings numbered as 1 Barker's Yard. They are the premises of E.J. Carrington, joiners and contractors numbered as 248 Upper Town Street at the other side. A sign attached to a chimney stack, right says C.U.C approved appliance - C.U.C. stands for the Coal Utilisation Council.
[internal reference; 20031119_22237795:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 248]
Barker's Yard nos. 7, 8, 9 (Bramley) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th April 1960 Small, stone cottages in Barker's Yard off Upper Town Street built by the Barker family of woollen cloth manufacturers. They may have been occupied by spinners or weavers employed by Barker's at one time. The cottage on the left is number 9, a tiny back-to-back, then number 8 and number 7 far right. Chimney pots and planters decorate the flagged path in front of the dwellings.
[internal reference; 20031119_45885867:WYAS Bramley Town Street, Box 113/3, no. 245]