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ABC Cinema, Vicar Lane (City Centre) (22 comments)
Black & White image1970. View showing the ABC Cinema on Vicar Lane. The Cinema opened on 19th November 1934 as the Ritz Cinema. The name changed to the ABC on 23rd May 1959. The photograph dates from when the ABC was re-opened as a twin cinema, on 5th April 1970, with showings of 'Paint Your Wagon' and 'Spring and Port Wine'. It then became the first triple cinema in Leeds when the former stalls area of ABC 2 was divided. The triple opened on Sunday 17th March 1974 with showings of 'The Sting', 'Paper Moon' and 'Walking Tall'. The cinema changed its name to the Cannon in March 1987, then to M.G.M. in 1991 with a reversal to the ABC in 1993. The final closure of the cinema was reported in the Evening Post as 17th February 2000, although, it said, closure had been 'on the cards' since Christmas.
[internal reference; 20041210_81531924:CINE 12]
Back Virginia Street looking from the direction of Prussia street (City Centre)
Black & White image6th July 1928. View of properties in Back Virginia Street looking from the direction of Prussia Street to Virginia Cross Street. Back Virginia Street is situated between Virginia Street and Nelson Street. These partially demolished brick houses are on two storeys with old, multi-paned windows. There were several arched entrances to passageways accessing Nelson Street but only two remain in this image. The building seen at the end is in front of the Black Swan public house which is located at number 90 Vicar Lane.
[internal reference; 2002426_47509402:C LIC Virginia (4)]
City Centre, Aerial View (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, View of North Street, continuing in to Vicar Lane, junction with New York Lane. On the corner, domed building is Crispin House. Built in 1911 for Heaten's clothiers, then later premises of H. Poole, bootmaker. Now loft apartments. Next a yard can be seen, behind the first block of buildings on Vicar Lane, this was the site of number 10 Town End, built before 1725 for Robert Denison, then home of the Sheepshanks family, Leeds merchants. On this picture, all that remains is Sheepshanks Yard. On the opposite side of the road, large building first on left is the public dispensary, lying between Back Brunswick Street and Hartley Hill, opened May 12th 1904. Next right, bottom house on Hartley Hill (two white walls with yard behind it) is Bischoff's House, originally called Sheepscar Hall, built in 1692 by William Elty for Nathaniel Denison, later purchased and renamed by Bernard Bischoff, immigrant merchant from Switzerland now demolished, 1967.
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City centre, aerial view (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. Aerial view of the City centre. The River Aire is at the bottom with Crown Point Bridge on the right. The railway line runs diagonally up from the bottom left. Briggate and Vicar Lane run straight upwards on the left while New York Road runs across the centre of the view towards Quarry House on the right. Regent Street leads upwards off New York Road to the junction with Sheepscar Street leading to Chapeltown Road (left) and Roseville Road leading to Roundhay Road (right). Roundhay Park is in the top right hand corner.
[internal reference; 201231_173362:LEO 6585]
City centre, aerial view, looking north (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of the city centre, looking north. The Headrow and Eastgate can be seen running across the centre from left to right, with Briggate and Vicar Lane running vertically upwards. Boar Lane runs horizontally further down, with the railway line visible below this and the River Aire to be seen at the bottom right.
[internal reference; 2010126_170100:C LIB CENTRAL 101]