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Calverley Street extension (City Centre)
Black & White image2nd May 1914. Area of construction for road extension looking towards Cankerwell Lane. To left, HQ. of the West Riding Brigade of the Royal Field Artillary ( Fenton Street Barracks ). Tall building with wall and fence around it is number 4 Cankerwell Lane also forms part of South Carnaby Street, premises of C.R. Horner & Co. wholesalers, druggists and drysalters. Opposite is the Cankerwell Inn with painted wall sign for John Smiths Magnet Ales. House on right is part of Leeming Square.
[internal reference; 2002131_71390933:C LIC Cal (5)]
Cankerwell Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image8th August 1935 Number 4 Cankerwell Lane, former premises of Charles Horner and Co, drug company. Brick built, part two storey, part three storey, both with architects elevation marks.
[internal reference; 2002424_47588748:C LIC Canker (4)]
Cankerwell Lane (City Centre) (5 comments)
Black & White image14th August 1913 Cankerwell Lane, looking north, junction with South Carnaby Street is in the centre. Number 35, public house, Pressers Arms, is to be auctioned. Notice on wall to right of the door gives details of auction. Gas lamp is fitted over door.
[internal reference; 2002424_84692020:C LIC Canker (5)]
Cankerwell Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image14th August 1913 Cankerwell Lane, looking west towards Sunny Bank. In this vicinity was an ancient healing well, a chalybeate spring though to have healing properties. Canker has several meanings, a cancer, mouth ulceration or an animal malady. The spring is marked on old maps on the side with Fenton Street, in the area of the parade ground for Fenton Street Barracks. Leeds Metropolitan University is now on the site.
[internal reference; 20031029_65386599:D LIC Cankerwell (1)]
Cankerwell Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image14th March 1947. Cankerwell Inn on the corner of Cankerwell Lane and Carnaby Street. Snow on the ground.
[internal reference; 3968:CLIB Cank 3]