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Location - Leeds & District

Cliff House, View from Fawcett Lane (Wortley)
Colour image2005. View from Cliff House in Fawcett Lane. Cliff House is in an elevated position bordering on Cliff Park and Western Flatts Park. Here, the view looks across to the Fawcetts and further, to Lower Wortley Road. Between 1966 until closure on 31st August 1998 the building was in use as a Community Special School called Newcliff House School.
[internal reference; 2006119_160400:COMM 15 9]
Cliff Park, walled rose garden (Wortley)
Colour image2005. Image shows the walled rose garden in Cliff Park which was part of the gardens of Cliff House (also known as Western Flatts). The old brick walls of the rose gardens were reputed to have been heated when the Cliff Family resided here. It is laid out with rosebeds in a circular design, paths and seating beneath the walls. The Cliff Family sold the land to corporation in 1902. It is adjacent to Western Flatts Park.
[internal reference; 20051216_160207:COMM 14 - 31]
Postcard, Canal Side and Western Flatts Park (Armley) (1 comment)
Colour imageUndated. Postcard showing two different views of Leeds; at the top is an image of the Canal Side at Armley and at the bottom Western Flats Park, Worltey. This image was digitised as part of the ‘Future Prospects of Urban Parks’ project, conducted by the University of Leeds in partnership with Leeds City Council, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (grant number: AH/N001788/1).
[internal reference; 2017419_176057:Parks Project, donation, no. 26]
Western Flatts Park (Wortley)
Colour image2005. A peaceful scene in Western Flatts Park. The corporation acquired the land from the Cliffs in 1902. It was an area of shallow coal pits and slag heaps but was transformed into Lower Wortley recreation ground. In 1928, Stephen Cliff gifted Western Flatts House and grounds to extended the park area. Walter Cliff was a great believer in parks to enhance the health of working people.He had financial interests in the large refreshment rooms in Roundhay Park and cafe in Canal Gardens. He was keen to prove that good food and leisure facilities could be made available to everyone at reasonable cost.
[internal reference; 20051216_160205:COMM 14 - 33]
Western Flatts Park (Wortley)
Black & White image1904 Taken in October 1904, property looking onto Western Flatts (Lower Wortley) Park. Note on the photograph indicates that the owner was called Mr. Boothroyd.
[internal reference; 2002513_24851626:C LIE West (13)]