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Aerial View north of Wetherby showing Kirk Deighton. (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. Aerial view north of Wetherby showing Kirk Deighton at the left edge. The spire of All Saints Church is visible. The edge of Wetherby is seen at the bottom. Deighton/Wetherby Road leaves Wetherby and runs through the middle of Kirk Deighton. To the right is Wetherby By-Pass, the A.1.
[internal reference; 2006825_161847:WE 531767]
Aerial view north of Wetherby to Kirk Deighton (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. Aerial view looking north of Wetherby to Kirk deighton. The Wetherby By-Pass (A.1.) can be seen right. The edge of the town of Wetherby runs across the bottom. Coming in from the left is Ashdale Lane and from the right, Deighton/Wetherby Road which passes through Kirk Deighton, centre. The spire of All Saints Church is visible in Kirk Deighton.
[internal reference; 2006825_161846:WE 531766]
Aerial View of Bramham Looking north-east towards Clifford (Bramham)
Colour image1988. View of Bramham looking north-east towards Clifford. The A1 spans the bottom left hand corner. Next to the motorway the cluster of houses with red roofs are in Milnthorpe Gardens. Wetherby Road runs behind the close to it's junction with the A1. In the centre are houses on Lyndon Estate, and to the right of it the Clifford/Bramham Road runs up to Clifford at the top. St. Edwards' Church in Clifford is a landmark building at the centre of the top edge.
[internal reference; 2006830_161852:WE 534188]
Aerial View over Wetherby and Boston Road (the Great North Road) (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. This aerial view shows the River Wharfe spanned by Wetherby Bridge. The bridge carries the Great North Road into Wetherby High Street left and becomes Boston Road enroute to Boston Spa, right. The weir is visible to the left of the bridge. At the Boston Spa side of the bridge, the dark roofs of Micklethwaite Stables can be seen and just before the roundabout, centre, between Boston Road and Wetherby Road is the Ramada Wetherby Hotel. The Police Station and Magistrates Court are on the opposite side of Boston Road.
[internal reference; 2005713_79787845:WE 531758]
Aerial View, Easterly Road, Wetherby Road (Seacroft) (7 comments)
Black & White image29th March 1963 In the centre of this view is the junction of Easterly Road which runs from the bottom edge, and Wetherby Road, running from the right edge and curving upwards to the top edge. The three blocks of flats in the centre are, from left to right, Barncroft Court Grange and Towers.
[internal reference; 20031021_42029971:D LIB Roundhay (2)]