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Location - Leeds & District

White Horse Hotel, patrons, York Road (York Road) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec. 1910. Posed photograph of patrons outside the White Horse Hotel and public house. This was at no. 360 York Road. They were about to go out on an organised trip.
[internal reference; 20031212_4795473:C LEO 141]
White Horse Hotel, staff, York Road (York Road) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec. 1910. Photograph of the staff at the White Horse Hotel and public house at no. 360 York Road. The landlord in 1910 was Walter Alfred Harland.
[internal reference; 20031212_63080996:C LEO 140]
White Horse Hotel, Wellington Road, Armley Road (Wortley) (13 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, A 1950s view of the White Horse Hotel on the left is the view down Wellington Road towards Lower Wortley. Visible in the distance are the structures for the gas works. Below these is a polo advertisement with the entrance to the coal depot on the right. A parade of shops nos. 32 - 24 lead on to the White Horse Inn which boasts a large huntsman logo on the front proclaiming 'Tetley, Beer at its Best'. A woman and child carrying cases wait to cross Wellington Road. Another zebra crossing runs at a right angle to the first and crosses Armley Road. A small column on the corner of the pavement is a police telephone pillar and in the distance on the right, a sign advertises Esso as 'The finest petrol in the world.'
[internal reference; 2003324_47405642:WYAS Armley Road. Box No 7. No 27]