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Location - Leeds & District

Springfield Road (Morley)
Colour imageJanuary 1961. View of Springfield Road. Since the building of the stone terraces on the left hand side in the 1890s Springfield Road had been a dirt track road with half the width on the left taken up for hanging out washing - note the clothes posts in the middle of the road. The other part had accommodated vehicles and had a wooden fence separating it from the sports field belonging to Springfield Mills. This sports field, other allotments, some of the grounds of Springfield House and parts of Springfield Farm were used from 1960 onwards to build extra housing on Springfield Road, and on a new road, Springfield Avenue, built to link Springfield Road and the Ingle Estate at Woodlands Drive. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006327_161088:Morley M 297]
The Woodlands, looking south (East Ardsley)
Black & White image27th March 1980. Views of The Woodlands, looking south towards Bradford Road, with Woodlands Drive leading off on the right.
[internal reference; 2005107_21718996:S LIC ARD 294]
Woodlands Drive, from junction with Woodlands (East Ardsley)
Colour image2009. View of Woodlands Drive, a residential street in East Ardsley, taken from the junction with Woodlands.
[internal reference; 2010225_170374:LEO 4839]
Woodlands, looking towards Bradford Road (East Ardsley)
Colour image2009. View shows Woodlands, a residential street in East Ardsley, looking towards Bradford Road. The junction with Woodlands Drive is on the right.
[internal reference; 2010225_170373:LEO 4838]