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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial view of York Road (Burmantofts) (51 comments)
Black & White image1963. Aerial view showing New York Road in the foreground becoming York Road at the Woodpecker junction. The Woodpecker public house is located at an angle on the junction. Burmantofts Street meets the junction from the left, and Marsh Lane is off to the right. At the bottom edge Quarry Hill Flats is shown which were renovated around that time. Opposite, on the other side of New York Road the long, dark building is St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church. In the Centre is the new Ebor Gardens estate built on old brickworks and demolished slum property. The wiggly 'U' shaped roads are Rigton Drive and Haslewood Drive. Burmantofts Street joins Beckett Street in the centre of the left edge and Nippet Lane runs inwards from the junction before joining Torre Road. Ebor Gardens County Primary School has not yet been built on this land at the centre of the image. Five blocks of high rise flats built on this land are from left to right; Torre Green, Torre Gardens, Oxton gardens, Oxton Place and Oxton Close. Behind them there are four more blocks in a straight line, Appleton Square, Appleton Close, Appleton Court and Saville Green. The public library and swimming baths are on bend of York Road on the right hand side.
[internal reference; 2007730_164339:N LIB EBOR (1)]
Inner Ring Road, westbound York Road flyover under construction (Quarry Hill) (1 comment)
Colour imagec1991/2. View from Woodpecker Junction looking north-west showing the £7.5 million scheme, Stage 5 of the Inner Ring Road well underway. In the foreground is the slip-road from the A 64. The westbound flyover is in the process of being constructed and beneath it St. Patrick's Chapel in New York Road can be seen. The Roman Catholic Church is built in red brick and opened in 1891.
[internal reference; 200826_166043:LEO 2725]
Quarry House under construction, from the slip road from the A 64 (Quarry Hill)
Colour imagec1991/2. View of Quarry House, the new Department of Health and Social Security, under construction. In the foreground the slip road from the A64 at Woodpecker Junction rounds the bend into Marsh Lane. Construction work is also in progress on Stage 5 of the Inner Ring Road including the westbound York Road flyover, off camera, right. This was completed in 1992 and Quarry House opened in 1993.
[internal reference; 200827_166047:LEO 2729]
Woodpecker Junction, trams (Burmantofts) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View showing trams at the Woodpecker junction, travelling from Marsh Lane towards New York Road in the foreground. At the front is no.112, on route no.18 bound for Crossgates. This is a 1927-built Chamberlain with a P35 truck added in 1946, which was eventually scrapped on 28th February 1956. The Woodpecker public house in in the centre background.
[internal reference; 2009819_169364:LEO 4032]
Woodpecker Junction, view of Trams 533 and 541 (Burmantofts) (9 comments)
Black & White image6th June 1953. View shows two trams, no.533 on route 20 to Halton, and no.541 on route 15 to Whingate, at Woodpecker Junction. This is by the Woodpecker public house, where Marsh Lane, York Road, New York Road and Burmantofts Street all joined. The cars in the background are on Burmantofts Street.
[internal reference; 2010216_170323:LEO 4243]