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Woolman Street (Bank) (10 comments)
Black & White image6th July 1907. Tenement dwellings built in 1901. This was the beginning of the housing policy which aimed to eradicate some of the worst slum dwellings in Leeds.
[internal reference; 2002531_16764468:C LIC Wool (1)]
Woolman Street, flats (Bank) (8 comments)
Black & White image24th August 1939. Marsh Lane tenements, built in 1901 by private developer, one of the first steps towards redevelopment run down, unhealthy inner city housing. Three storey blocks of flats in groups of twelve and fifteen, staircases provided access to balconies. First ground floor unit to left is a shop. Advertisements on wall feature 'Swan Vestas' matches and 'Gordons' Gin'.
[internal reference; 2002315_20344180:C LIE Marsh (4)]
Woolman Street, looking towards Marsh Lane (Bank)
Black & White image22nd January 1985. View looking from Woolman Street across a busy car park towards Marsh Lane. Cars are also parked at the side of Woolman Street in the foreground. The Smith's Arms public house is seen in the centre background, standing alone as buildings adjoining it on the left have recently been demolished. Rising up on the far left are the flats of Saxton Gardens.
[internal reference; 2012102_174068:S LIN MARSH 81]