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Boar Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image1906 View looks from the junction of Park Row and Bishopgate Street onto Boar Lane. To the left is the Royal Exchange which was built between 1872 and 1875. When it first opened it contained an exchange room, a newsroom, shops, a club, a restaurant and offices. At the time of this view it was the premises of Leeds Chamber of Commerce and also home to many other businesses. In the centre of the view, a horse and cart and a horse-drawn tram pass each other on the busy throughfare. On the right is the headquarters of the Yorkshire Banking Company. The Park Plaza Hotel now stands on the site of the Royal Exchange while the Yorkshire Banking Company building is now used as a nightclub.
[internal reference; 2004218_35834902:T LIC Boar Lane]
Boar Lane (City Centre) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Early view of Boar Lane with plenty of activity in the form of horse-drawn delivery wagons and men pushing hand-carts or barrows. One horse is pulling a cart with a huge barrel. At the left edge is the Royal Exchange Chambers and on the extreme right, the building with dome is the Yorkshire Banking Company. This is looking from the direction of City Square.
[internal reference; 2010520_170740:LEO 5094]
Boar Lane, junction with Bishopgate Street (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. View of the junction of Boar Lane and Bishopgate Street showing the old Yorkshire Banking Company building on the corner. This was built in 1899 and was designed by W.W. Gwyther. Two years after opening it was taken over by the London City and Midland Bank, later just the Midland. More recently the building has been occupied by the Observatory Wine Bar then Flares nightclub.
[internal reference; 200916_168179:LEO 2230]
City Square, from Wellington Street showing the Queens Hotel (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour image30th September 1999 View of City Square from Wellington Street showing the Queens Hotel dominating the right hand side and which opened in 1937. In the background the building with the greenish dome is the former headquarters of the Yorkshire Banking Company which opened there in June 1899. The architect was W.W. Gwyther. It is situated at the corner of Boar Lane and Bishopgate Street and nowadays houses a bar and entertainment venue called Flares.
[internal reference; 2002610_85024661:MIL 26/24]
West Bar, City Square to Boar Lane (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour image1907. Tinted postcard showing West Bar and postmarked '17th September 1907'. This is looking from City Square down Boar Lane. At the right edge the domed Yorkshire Banking Company Building can be seen, and Bishopgate Street is off to the right. Royal Exchange Chambers is visible at the left edge at the corner with Park Row. A blue plaque was unveiled in 1989 at the Bond Street Centre in Boar Lane. This marked the site of the original West Bar stone at the western border of medieval Leeds adjacent to the Manorial Park. There were five other boundary Bars; Burley Bar, Woodhouse Bar, North Bar, East or York Bar and South Bar.
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