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Location - Leeds & District

Alexandra Road, no. 2 (Hyde Park) (6 comments)
Black & White image1969. In this image two little children are seen standing in the doorway of a red brick corner shop at no. 2 Alexandra Road. Inside crisps are on display including a variety called 'Chopstix' and another make called Tudor. On the other side of the road red brick streets run at right angles; from the left are Kelsall Road, Kelsall Place, Kelsall Avenue and Kelsall Terrace .
[internal reference; 2013122_174300:LEO 7025]
Aylesford Street and Back Aylesford Terrace, from Spring Close Row (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Black & White image1969. Charming photograph by Eric Jaquier showing two little girls and a labrador dog playing on a piece of wasteland where houses on Spring Close Row and Spring Close Street once stood. In the background, right, is no. 14 Back Aylesford Terrace, part of a row which forms back-to-backs with Aylesford Terrace, while moving left are houses numbered 12 then 14 Aylesford Street which back onto Aylesford Place. Another row of back-to-backs, featuring the opposite sides of both Aylesford Terrace and Aylesford Street, once stood in the gap between but had been demolished by this time. The rest of the houses in view would also subsequently be demolished. Thanks to all those who contributed to the identification of this photograph.
[internal reference; 2013122_174290:LEO 7015]
Aylesford Street, nos. 2 - 14 (Richmond Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White image1969. Young children play around a drain in front of a grassed area where terraced houses on Aylesford Terrace and Aylesford Street once stood. The other side of Aylesford Street, numbered 14 to 2 from the left, still stands in the background. Thanks to all who contributed to the identification of this photograph taken by Eric Jaquier.
[internal reference; 2013121_174288:LEO 7013]
Back Gipton Mount, looking towards Bankside Street (Harehills) (4 comments)
Black & White image1969. In this image three small boys are playing out and riding their tricycles in the cobbled street of Back Gipton Mount. On either side of the street are the yards of red brick terraced houses. Gipton Beck runs across at the end of the street beyond the wall, while towering above in the background are imposing four storey terraced houses on Bankside Street, numbered (from right) 74 to 80, with large gardens in front.
[internal reference; 2013122_174301:LEO 7026]
Burley Lodge Road, looking north-west (Burley) (5 comments)
Black & White image1969. In this image by Eric Jaquier a nun glances towards the camera as she walks along Burley Lodge Road, past red brick terraced homes with bay windows and small walled gardens. On the other side, left, more terraced streets go off Burley Lodge Road to join Carberry Road, possibly Carberry Place and Back Carberry Place. There are several parked cars and two men are tinkering with one of them. The view looks north-west towards Burley Pentecostal Church, located adjacent to Burley branch library, at number 232 Cardigan Road. In the distance the spire of Burley Methodist Church can be clearly seen, located in Cardigan Lane.
[internal reference; 2013122_174291:LEO 7016]