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Adel Lane (Adel)
Black & White image2nd February 1954. Looking south from the junction with Church Lane, on the left is a low wall with a wooden gate and a considerable thicket of leafless trees. An electric lamp post is just visible. Another thicket of trees runs along the right hand side of the road behind which are a row of brick semi-detached houses. The foreground has a patch of grass with a few bushes on it.
[internal reference; 8499:CLIC Adel 12]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Old semi-detached houses, Tudor-framed, with greenhouses on side. Tall trees line the road, which is un-made-up.
[internal reference; 289:CLIB Belle 4]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood)
Black & White image18th February 1936. Types of houses: semis with bay windows to left of photo. Mock Tudor houses to right. Street lamp in main view. Road is unmade-up and lined with trees.
[internal reference; 294:CLIB Belle 9]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood)
Black & White image18th February 1936. Types of houses: Mock Tudor semi-detached with bay windows. One house is For Sale. Tall trees in front of houses and grassed area across road.
[internal reference; 295:CLIB Belle 10]
Belle Vue Avenue, Adrien Club (Oakwood) (4 comments)
Black & White image9th April 1935. The Adrien Club on Belle Vue Avenue. Adjoining the club is the Economy Boot and Shoe repairers. Buildings are mock Tudor style.
[internal reference; 291:CLIB Belle 6]