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Highfield House numbers 102 and 104 Town Street (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White image1956. View of an old property located on Beeston Town Street, believed originally to have been a farmhouse, and numbered 104 (left), and 102 (right), Town Street. Prior to the re-numbering of Town Street in the late 1930s the property was numbered 56 and 58. It is thought that Highfield House was modernised in the Victorian era and was eventually split into two self-contained dwellings. An early record from White's Directory of 1866 lists manufacturer, Henry Heycock residing at Highfield House. By 1872 a Sarah Garside is listed separately to a Samuel Clapham, Cap Manufacturer, which suggests there may have been a division of the property by then. Robinson's Directory of 1899 shows John William Petty at number 56 Town Street. He was the founder of the printing firm, Petty & Sons at number 16 Whitehall Road. The son-in-law of John William Petty, John Perkin, and also Joseph Perkin, an electric photo printer, were here by 1913. John Perkin was the Managing Director of Perkin & Co Engineering Works. In the 1920s Leonard Perkin resided at number 56 and John Perkin at 58, both listed as engineers. From 1939, when the numbering of Town Street was changed, Edith Maud Cason lived at number 102 (formerly 56) until her death in 1978. Joseph Perkin, engineer, occupied 104 (formerly 58) in 1940, and was still listed there in 1966.
[internal reference; 2006626_161445:LEO 1276]
Highfield House, rear view, 102 and 104 Town Street (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White image1956. View of the rear of numbers 102 and 104 Town Street, known as Highfield House. For many years, through the late nineteenth century until the 1960s, it was the home of the Petty and Perkin family. Prior to 1939 these two houses were numbered 56 and 58 Town Street. The building was originally thought to be one house. Looking from Town Street, Highfield House was located between Wood's Fold and Schwanfelder Place, opposite Yellow Fold.
[internal reference; 2006626_161446:LEO 1277]
Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd, Tug-of-war team in action (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1926. View of the ladies' tug-of-war team in action at the firm of Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd at number 16 Whitehall Road. Petty & Sons was a Lithographic and colour printing firm.
[internal reference; 20081125_167951:LEO 3559]
Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd. Tug-of war team (Holbeck)
Black & White imagec1926. Group photograph showing the tug-of-war team made up of workers at the Lithographic and colour printing firm of Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd. at number 16 Whitehall Road. Laura Leaf is seated in the middle row on the right. She worked for the firm for forty years.
[internal reference; 20081125_167947:LEO 3555]
Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd., football team (Holbeck)
Black & White imagec1939. Group photograph of the football team of Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd., lithographic and colour printing firm of no.16 Whitehall Road. Ted Matthews is the goalkeeper standing third from left on the back row.
[internal reference; 2009428_168922:LEO 3873]