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Location - Leeds & District

If we have any photographs which we are unable to identify or have very little information for they will appear here.  If you are able to help with any of these images please click on the appropriate image below and then add your comment or information through the 'add comment' link.

[1]Can you help? (Unknown) (28 comments)
Can you help?Undated. A formal group photograph showing staff and officials of a hospital, on a lawned area outside the building. The uniforms of the nurses, and the attire of the two ladies on the front row, are consistent with a date of the 1920s. (Update: 22/5/2012, we are no nearer to finding the location of this one but very much appreciate all the suggestions and comments added below. On the back of the photograph is written in pencil, "Cookridge Hospital, Leeds 1920s/30s?" We are now sure, having looked at other images, that this isn't Cookridge, and there is a possibility that it's not Leeds at all! (Another possible clue is that the photograph was taken by Beryl of York).
[2]Can You Help? (Morley) (15 comments)
Can You Help?Undated. View of an unidentified man and two women posing for the camera outside what appears to be a stone-built two-story farmhouse with attached barn. They are wearing a late nineteenth/early twentieth century style of dress. It was originally described as Howley Hall Farm but this is not now thought to be the case. It is still very likely to be in the Morley area, however, as the image is part of the David Atkinson Archive. A hand-written message in ink at the top reads "to wish you a Merry Xmas". Image used courtesy of Peter Aldred. (Update: 22/5/2012. Many thanks for all the suggestions and comments as to the location - it does seem a possibility that the farm is the one described by Jason in his comment. This would have been Upper Rooms Farm and is shown in Leodis Image: ID 20051118_159951, another from the David Atkinson Archive but it's is hard to say from this view whether it's the same buildings or not.)
[3]Can you help? (West Ardsley) (4 comments)
Can you help?1900s. In this view two women and a child stand in front of the entrance of a house, there is a number 79 next to the door of the stone-built house and curtains and blinds at the multi-paned windows. Image used courtesy of Peter Aldred. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[4]Can you help? (West Ardsley) (1 comment)
Can you help?c1910. Image shows an elderly couple and their dog outside their home, possibly Soothill area. The house is stone-built with a walled garden, iron railings and gate. Image used courtesy of Peter Aldred. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[5]Can you help? (Unknown) (7 comments)
Can you help?3rd December 1985. View of a terraced house with derelict outbuilding. In the background, left, there is a tall, light-coloured building with a datestone which could be 1890 or 1898. It is quite difficult to see unless enlarged.
[6]Can You Help? (Unknown) (20 comments)
Can You Help?Undated. Unidentified residential street showing terraced houses with gardens.
[7]Can You Help? (Unknown) (5 comments)
Can You Help?Undated. Unidentified derelict-looking building, probably taken around the 1970s or possibly later, certainly after 1968-69 given that the car in the picture has a registration no. LAK 650G (the suffix G was introduced then).
[8]Can You Help? (Unknown) (1 comment)
Can You Help?Undated. Image shows a group of men in a rural setting, possibly on a works outing. The man to the left of the one wearing a fez and spectacles is Harry Sumpner. If anyone has any information to add about the photograph then we would be grateful if you would contact us.
[9]Can You Help? (Unknown) (3 comments)
Can You Help?Undated. Oil painting by local artist, Joe Tunnington showing a farm under a blanket of snow. He did not give his painting a title so we don't know the location at present, although it may be in the North Leeds area.
[10]Can You Help? (Harehills) (5 comments)
Can You Help?1971. View shows an unidentified row of terraced housing in the Harehills area, with back yards and outbuildings.
[11]Can You Help? (Hunslet) (6 comments)
Can You Help?1971. View shows a factory(?) building in Hunslet with graffiti on the wall.
[12]Can You Help? (Unknown) (11 comments)
Can You Help?1969. In this image a little girl leans out of the doorway of her red brick terraced home. The doorways of both houses have arched entrances and fanlights. The child's house is possibly numbered 52. An old gas street lamp stands in the foreground. Possibly the Burley area.
[13]Can You Help? (Burley) (7 comments)
Can You Help?1969. View originally thought to have been taken in Cardigan Road but there is some doubt about this. A family with their dog can be seen on the steps of one of them. The house next door has broken window panes and, at the left edge, the property is being bricked up. Any help on the location would be appreciated.
[14]Can You Help? (Unknown) (2 comments)
Can You Help?15th July 1975. Unknown street of terraced housing, likely to be in the Woodhouse area.
[15]Can You Help? (Unknown) (1 comment)
Can You Help?1969. Children play in the street outside their home. Two little girls, perhaps sisters, are in the doorway of number 7 of an unknown street, possibly in the Hyde Park area. Adjacent, to the left, is number 5. There are two identical doll's prams in the foreground. Originally, we believed this to be Harold Place but on checking this out we now know that it isn't. The photograph is by Eric Jaquier, from Switzerland, who spent some time in Leeds in 1969/1970 and lived in the Hyde Park/Burley area. He photographed the streets of Hyde Park, Burley, Armley and other areas of the city. Do you recognise yourself or a friend in the photo or do you have any ideas of where this might be?
[16]Can You Help? (Unknown) (31 comments)
Can You Help?1969. Photograph taken in 1969 showing red brick terraced streets. There is a street sign on view but even when enlarged it is impossible to decipher as it is at an angle. Two women are chatting in the street while attending to their washing. A pram is parked outside one of the houses and a child is playing out. In the background a window cleaner is up on a ladder cleaning bedroom windows.
[17]Can You Help? (Unknown) (11 comments)
Can You Help?1969. A little girl is riding her tricyle in a back street, location unknown. The houses are red brick with enclosed yards and outside toilets. The street is unmade and there is a gas lamp in the foreground.
[18]Can You Help? (Unknown) (5 comments)
Can You Help?1969. Young children play around a drain in this unknown street scene. In the background there is a row of red brick terraced homes opening directly onto the pavement. On the far right there is a single storey building with an arched window, perhaps a chapel or schoolroom. Behind the children is a grassed area where perhaps another row of terraced houses had once stood. Any ides of the location are welcomed. The photograph was the work of Eric Jaquier in 1969 and he took many in the Kirkstall, Burley and Hyde Park areas. However, he did photograph other districts in Leeds so we would like to know more.
[19]Can You Help? (Unknown) (8 comments)
Can You Help?1969. Charming photograph by Eric Jaquier showing two little girls and a labrador dog playing on a piece of wasteland with a backdrop of red brick terraced streets. The street sign at the right edge is impossible to decipher, even when enlarged, but the one word that can be read is 'Terrace'. We wondered if it is 'Flaxton Terrace' in Beeston as we thought we could make out the letters 'AXT' but it is very uncertain.
[20]Can You Help? (Unknown) (3 comments)
Can You Help?1969. A group of children playing out in the street pose smiling for the camera while a small boy and an older girl look on with uncertainty. Either side of the cobbled street there are the back yards of old red brick terraced properties. At the end of the street is an old gas lamp and beyond another street of houses cuts across. The photographer is Eric Jaquier.