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[1]Broad Lane School, Rugby Team (Bramley) (1 comment)
Broad Lane School, Rugby Team1951-52. View shows the Bramley Broad Lane School Rugby Team of 1951-52 proudly displaying a trophy they have won. Photograph courtesy of Bernard Brockhouse.
[2]Pudsey Road, junction with Henconner Lane (Bramley)
Pudsey Road, junction with Henconner LaneUndated. View looking along Pudsey Road from the junction with Henconner Lane, taken sometime around the early 1900s. The shop on the corner, with an advertisement for Fry's Chocolate above the window, is a grocers and tobacconists business belonging to G or C Shaw; a 1907 directory lists George Shaw as the occupant, while Charles Shaw is listed in another 1907 directory and a 1908 one. They were followed by John Henry Shaw from 1909 to 1915. A later picture of the same shop can be seen at 200243_21139162.
[3]Nags Head, Stonebridge Lane (Farnley)
Nags Head, Stonebridge Lane26th November 2015. Night-time view showing the Nags Head public house situated on Stonebridge Lane near the junction with Hall Lane and Cross Lane.
[4]Barkston Terrace, Holbeck Viaduct (Holbeck)
Barkston Terrace, Holbeck Viaductc1940s. View of Barkston Terrace showing the Holbeck Viaduct. A family pose for the photograph outside no. 3, the centre house of a block of 3. Through the viaduct more terraced housing on Barkston Terrace can be seen, with nos. 7 - 19 on the left and 10 - 20 on the right. The view looks from the direction of Croydon Place and dates from the mid to late 1940s.
[5]Colenso Grove, nos. 1 - 3 (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Colenso Grove, nos. 1 - 3August 1967. View of Colenso Grove showing a man sitting on top of a Ford Anglia van which is parked outside no. 1, with no. 3 seen to the right.
[6]Colenso Grove, nos. 4 - 24 (Holbeck) (3 comments)
Colenso Grove, nos. 4 - 24c1966. View shows terraced housing on Colenso Grove, starting from no. 4 on the right edge, beside which a man is sitting on the bonnet of a car, and continuing towards no. 24 on the far left.
[7]Cleveleys Avenue and Recreation Place, from Colenso Grove (Holbeck)
Cleveleys Avenue and Recreation Place, from Colenso GroveAugust 1967. View looking from Colenso Grove, where a man stands in front of a Ford Anglia van parked outside no. 1, past Cleveleys Avenue towards Recreation Place. The two houses at the near end of the block in the background are 57 Recreation Terrace (left) and 58 Recreation Place (right), from which numbers follow on in descending order.
[8]University of Leeds, from Cavendish Road (Woodhouse)
University of Leeds, from Cavendish Roadc1960s View shows buildings of Leeds University seen from Cavendish Road. On the left is the edge of the Arts Block, now known as the Michael Sadler Building, while on the right is a side view of the Parkinson Building with its tower visible in the centre of the picture.
[9]Helen Street, nos. 2-8 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Helen Street, nos. 2-8Undated. View of Helen Street showing houses numbered (from right) 2-8. This short street was situated between Cross Whitehouse Row on the left and Glasshouse Street on the right. Further along Glasshouse Street is the Hopewell Inn public house situated at the junction with Low Whitehouse Street.
[10]Marsh Lane, south-east side (York Road)
Marsh Lane, south-east sideUndated. View shows the south-east side of Marsh Lane with the junction with Shannon Street on the right. Businesses include the North Eastern Dining Rooms at no. 84 on the corner, then Ernest Tomasso, shopkeeper at 86-88, Frisby & Pollard printers at no. 90, James Madden, undertaker at 92-94 and the Electric Fisheries at 96. Tramlines are seen on the road.
[11]Apple Street, looking north (Burmantofts)
Apple Street, looking northUndated. View of Apple Street looking north from the York Road end towards Great Garden Street. Terraced houses are on both sides of the road with a sunken footpath on the left. The street was demolished in the 1930s.
[12]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Clock Golf (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Clock Golfc1915-1919 View shows soldiers taking part in a game of clock golf in the grounds of Gledhow Hall, when it was being used as a military hospital during the First World War. Sporting activities were particularly encouraged to aid in the rehabilitation of the wounded servicemen.
[13]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, mascot (Gledhow) (1 comment)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, mascotc1915-1919 Image shows the "mascot" of the First World War military hospital at Gledhow Hall. The doll had been a gift to the hospital and to hide its feminine appearance it was dressed in a soldiers' uniform and given a dark wig. The mascot was known by the name "Sergeant Michael Cassidy".
[14]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, concert (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, concertc1915-1919 View shows a scene from a concert performance at Gledhow Hall Military Hospital during the First World War. Nurses and patients both took part in concerts which were put on regularly as part of a programme of rehabilitation for those soldiers who watched in the audience as well as those who participated. Seen in the picture here are, back, left to right: Holmes, Private Claridge, Private Bullock, Nurse H Lumb, Lance Corporal Richmond, Private Green and Private Campbell, and at the front Edith Cliff and Sergeant Shaw.
[15]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, display of needlecraft (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, display of needlecraftc1915-1919 View shows a group of patients at Gledhow Hall Military Hospital displaying their needlecraft. Belts have been covered with cross stitches, flags and regimental badges. Pictures of animals and figures are also on display. Needlework was one of many activities encouraged by hospital staff to help with the rehabilitation of the soldiers after the horrors suffered on the battlefields of the First World War.
[16]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Christmas (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Christmasc1915-1918 View shows nurses and patients on one of the wards of Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, with Christmas decorations seen all around the walls and ceiling. On the left is Miss Edith Cliff, Commandant of the hospital, who kept a scrapbook documenting her time here during the First World War, from which this and many other photos in this collection are taken.
[17]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Billiard Room (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Billiard Roomc1915-1919 View of Gledhow Hall Military Hospital during the First World War showing the Billiard Room set up in the garage, one of the many amusements and entertainments provided to aid the rehabilitation of the soldiers after their experiences at the battlefront. Some of those pictured are named as Christie, Preston and Healey towards the left, Sergeant Shaw in the centre and Kerrigan and Barnett to the right.
[18]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Nurses cricket team (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, Nurses cricket teamAugust 1915 View shows a team of nurses from Gledhow Hall Military Hospital who played a game of cricket against a team of soldiers from the hospital in August 1915. The nurses are wearing the full nurses uniforms which they wore for playing the game.
[19]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, cricket match (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, cricket matchAugust 1915 View shows a game of cricket taking place in the grounds of Gledhow Hall while it was being used as a military hospital during the First World War. A team of nurses, seen here batting, are taking on a team of patients from the hospital.
[20]Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, staircase (Gledhow)
Gledhow Hall Military Hospital, staircasec1915-1919 View shows a staircase inside Gledhow Hall during the First World War at the time that it was being used as a military hospital. A group of soldiers who are patients at the hospital are lined up on the lower half of the stairs while the nursing staff are gathered together at the top.