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[21]Lord Mayor's Parade, Oxford Place (City Centre)
Lord Mayor1974. View shows a military band taking part in the Lord Mayor's Parade, turning from Great George Street into Oxford Place, with a police car ahead. In the background are the premises of T. Borwell, optician, and A. Mosley Gibson, estate agent, at no. 40 Great George Street, with Gladys Atkinson's Invisible Mending next door.
[22]Lord Mayor's Parade, Headingley Amateur Operatic Society float (City Centre)
Lord Mayor1974. View shows the Headingley Amateur Operatic Society's float at the Lord Mayor's Parade 1974. They are promoting their performance of "The Merry Widow" due to take place the following week. Behind is a beetle car "Herbie" from Trust Motors (VW) Ltd. of Gelderd Road. The parade is travelling along Calverley Street, passing the Municipal Buildings, at the time housing the City of Leeds Museum as well as the Central Public Library.
[23]Lord Mayor's Parade, float (City Centre)
Lord Mayor1974. View shows a decorated float with musicians on board taking part in the first annual Lord Mayor's Parade, held in 1974. The float is passing the gardens in front of Oxford Place Chapel, with the Rates Office at 40 Park Lane visible behind and Marlborough Towers in the background on the left. The parade, which set off from Woodhouse Moor, travelled through the city centre before ending up at the Civic Hall to be greeted by the Lord Mayor.
[24]Lord Mayor's Parade, Leeds Art Theatre float (City Centre)
Lord Mayor1974. View shows members of the Leeds Art Theatre dressed up on one of the floats at the Lord Mayor's Parade held in 1974. This was the first Lord Mayor's Parade, which was to become an annual event from then until the late 1980s. The parade, including marching bands and majorettes as well as 60+ floats, set off from Woodhouse Moor and travelled through the city centre to the Civic Hall to be met by the Lord Mayor, raising money for charity along the way.
[25]Canal Basin, docks (City Centre)
Canal Basin, docks1977. View shows the docks at the Canal Basin, with the Dragonara Hotel (right, now the Hilton) and City House (centre, now Platform) seen in the background.
[26]Canal Basin, Historic Crane (City Centre)
Canal Basin, Historic Crane1977. Close up of one of the historic cranes on the Canal Basin which had been preserved for their historical interest.
[27]Leeds and Liverpool Canal, bridge (City Centre)
Leeds and Liverpool Canal, bridge1977. View shows bridge no. 226 over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal as it enters the Canal Basin. The Grade II listed bridge was built in 1841, replacing an earlier structure dating from the 1770s. The view looks towards the city centre and shows the Dragonara Hotel (now the Hilton) on the left.
[28]River Aire, Roberts Mart and Rose Wharf (City Centre) (1 comment)
River Aire, Roberts Mart and Rose Wharf1977. View shows buildings on the north-east bank of the River Aire, east of Crown Point Bridge. On the left is the Grade II listed former Bank Mills, occupied here by Roberts Mart & Co., manufacturers of paper and packaging materials. It has since been redeveloped as Roberts Wharf residential apartments. To the right is Rose Wharf, another listed building which was formerly a flax mill and has since been restored as an office complex.
[29]Manor House, demolition (Rothwell)
Manor House, demolition1977. Image shows the demolition of Rothwell Manor House, off Church Street, after it was declared unsafe. Left standing is the 16th century timber frame of the west wing; the timbers were removed and recorded by West Yorkshire Archaeological Service before being put into storage. On the left can be seen Holy Trinity Church, and in the centre is the building that was previously the Palace Cinema, on Ingram Parade.
[30]Rothwell Times, staff (Rothwell)
Rothwell Times, staff1883. Pictured is Andrew Marshall, centre, owner of the Rothwell Times, with his staff. Andrew Marshall was born in Newfoundland in 1844, and his family moved to Rothwell in 1855 when his widowed mother married Richard Seanor, owner of Rothwell Match Works. The paper operated from Marshall's stationery shop on Commercial Street, and was published weekly on Fridays from 1873. It became part of the Rothwell Courier & Times from 1913 to 1923. Marshall's son Percy later joined the business. In the 1911 Census Andrew Marshall is listed as rate Collector for Rothwell Urban District Council. He died in 1923.
[31]Manor House, demolition (Rothwell)
Manor House, demolition1977. Image taken during the demolition of Rothwell Manor House, off Church Street, in 1977, after it became unsafe. The last section to be dismantled was the timber frame of the 16th century west wing, seen here. The timbers were recorded by West Yorkshire Archaeological Service and put into storage. The town centre can be seen beyond the timber framework.
[32]Street Party, Commercial Street (Rothwell)
Street Party, Commercial Street1897. View shows a busy street party underway on Commercial Street, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The street is hung with bunting, and small images of Victoria can just be made out in the centre of flags and hanging from a window. The photo is thought to have been taken outside the Hare & Hounds Inn, at the west end of Commercial Street.
[33]Grocer's Shop, jubilee celebrations (Rothwell)
Grocer1897. Image shows Alfred Drew and family outside his Grocers shop on Commercial Street, decorated for the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The banner above the window appears to read 'A Nation's Loyalty, a Throne's Security'.
[34]Commercial Street, shops (Rothwell)
Commercial Street, shopsUndated. View shows Commercial Street, looking east. On the far right is Kemshall's newsagents, and the shop to it's left is G.Ward's grocer's shop. On the far left is thought to be the sweet shop of Misses E&A Holt, and further along the street can be seen a sign for Bentley's Brewery, on the Coach & Horses Inn.
[35]Commercial Street, jubilee celebrations (Rothwell)
Commercial Street, jubilee celebrations1935. View shows Commercial Street looking west, during the celebrations for the jubilee of King George and Queen Mary. On the left can be seen the shop front and barbers pole for James Frankland's barber shop.
[36]Old Malt Kiln, Westfield Road (Carlton)
Old Malt Kiln, Westfield RoadUndated. Image shows a detailed view of the derelict malt kiln that was on Westfield Road, just north of Carlton. The malt would have been processed for the brewing industry, and a beam inside dated the building to 1772. It has now been demolished.
[37]St John's Church, Oulton (Oulton)
St JohnUndated. View of St John's Church, Oulton, looking south. The church is situated amongst trees, to the north of Oulton Park, with access from Leeds Road. It was built in 1828 from Ashlas sandstone, with a slate roof.
[38]Woodlesford Church, Church Street (Woodlesford)
Woodlesford Church, Church StreetUndated. View of Woodlesford Church, looking north, and before the road layout in front of it was altered in the 1970s. The church is now a private house, having had the spire dismantled in 2003 as parth of the building conversion.
[39]Old Malt Kiln, Westfield Road (Carlton)
Old Malt Kiln, Westfield RoadUndated. View shows an old Malt Kiln on Westfield Road, Carlton, just to the north of the village. It would have been used to process malt for the brewing industry. An old beam inside the building dated it to 1772. It has now been demolished, and trees occupy the site.
[40]Commercial Street, shops. (Rothwell)
Commercial Street, shops.c1970s. View show shops at numbers 50 to 56 Commercial Street, looking north. On the far right can be seen the entrance to Gas Works Yard, and shops are, from left, William Denton & Sons, estate agents at number 50, also with an office of Halifax Building Society, then Susan Jayne Boutique at 52, and the premises of M.Green, sweet shop, an number 54. Beyond that can be seen the turning into Meynell Avenue, and a new building housing more shops at numbers 60-62.