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[21]Cross Gates Station, ramp (Cross Gates)
Cross Gates Station, rampUndated. View looking east down the ramp from the booking office at Cross Gates railway station. Letters planted in the banking are just visible on the right.
[22]Cross Gates Station, banking (Cross Gates)
Cross Gates Station, bankingUndated. View of planting in the banking above the eastbound platform at Cross Gates railway station.
[23]Cross Gates Station, Booking Office (Cross Gates)
Cross Gates Station, Booking OfficeUndated. View looking west up the ramp to Cross Gates Station Booking Office. The words "to the Booking Office" are planted in flowers on the banking, The old booking office building is now Monroe's Florist.
[24]Cross Gates Railway Station, platform (Cross Gates)
Cross Gates Railway Station, platformDate unknown. Image shows railway staff on the south platform at Cross Gates Railway Station, looking towards Station Road. On the left is a ramp leading up to the bridge over the tracks, and the Station Hotel can just be seen at the top right, above the train.
[25]Cross Gates Station, Portico (Cross Gates)
Cross Gates Station, Porticoc1900s. View of the Portico at Cross Gates Railway Station. The area is decorated with plants, and staff are posing for the photograph. The station platform buildings and canopies were demolished in the early 1970s after Cross Gates ceased to be a junction after closure of the Wetherby line in 1964.
[26]St. Joseph's School Rugby Team 1954-55, Goldthorpe Cup Winners (Hunslet) (1 comment)
St. Joseph1955. Image shows St. Joseph's R. C. School Rugby Team of 1954-55, proudly displaying the Goldthorpe Cup which they had won for the first time, beating Bewerley Street School in the final. The view was taken in the schoolyard, with the cloakrooms in the background. The school is situated on Joseph Street. Peter Jackson, who supplied the photograph, has named those in the picture as:- Top, from left: Mr. Halloran, Mallinson, Keane, Glynn, Wilson, McCarthy, Snee, Mr. Arnold; Middle, from left: Mr. King, O'Donnel(?) Wright, Gowland, Jackson, Smith, Mr. Shearon; Front, from left: Hazelwood, Duggan, Hezelgrave, Heenan.
[27]Bewerley Street School, class photograph (Hunslet)
Bewerley Street School, class photographJune 1950. School photograph of a class of boys in their final year at Bewerley Street School, taken in the summer of 1950 when they were about to leave school and start work. All the boys would be aged 15 or shortly to become 15. The names of those pictured, according to Cliff Hayward who donated the photograph, are:- Teacher: Bob Hudson; Back row: Colin Herbert, Ronnie Webb, Cliff Hayward, Peter Taylor, Derek Foster, Stanley Robinson, Jack Clark; Middle row: Peter Clegg, Kenneth Cook, Peter Dawson, Brian Coulson, Ronnie Bickerdyke, Billy Brayshaw, Maurice Langton, Malcolm Douglas; Front row: Gordon Parish, Geoffrey Clayton, Bob Norfolk, Raymond Fox, Joe Mawson, Norman Ramsden, John Thickbroom.
[28]Broad Lane School, Rugby League Team 1949 (Bramley) (1 comment)
Broad Lane School, Rugby League Team 19491949. View shows the Broad Lane School rugby league team of 1949. The photograph was provided by Nigel Thwaite, who names the boys as:- Back row, left to right: Unknown, Douglas Coats, Dennis Askham, Brian Chapman, Unknown, Alan Smith, Nigel Thwaite; Middle row: Unknown, David Irwin, Paul Fountain, Leslie Musgrave, Unknown, Billy Stott; Front row: Unknown, Michael Padgett. The teacher on the right is the head teacher Mr. Bates.
[29]St. Mary's Hospital, student midwives (Armley)
St. Maryc1950. View shows a class of midwifery students at St. Mary's Hospital, taken on the grass outside the hospital which is situated on Green Hill Road. The students include Ruth Taylor, a farmer's daughter from Westmorland, who is sixth from the left in the middle row. The hospital was originally built as Bramley Union Workhouse in 1871-72. It became known as St. Mary's in 1948; by that time it had been training midwives for 20 years and had 106 maternity beds. The maternity department closed in the late 1970s and the hospital now concentrates on mental health and learning disability services.
[30]Horsforth Secondary Modern School, Mr. Danson's class (Horsforth)
Horsforth Secondary Modern School, Mr. Dansonc1957. View shows Mr. Danson's class at Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School around 1957. The photograph was supplied by Kenneth Baldwin, who has named a few of the pupils:- Second row from back: fourth from left Christine Armitage, sixth from left ? Kemp; 3rd row from back: fourth from left Susan Fairburn, then possibly Andria Smith next to Mr. Danson. The school was situated on Featherbank Lane.
[31]Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School, football team (Horsforth) (2 comments)
Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School, football teamc1956-57. View shows Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School's football team for the season 1956-57. The photograph was supplied by Kenneth Baldwin who is sitting on the left in the front row. Other players he can recall are Chris French (back row, left), Ronnie Dyson (back row, second from right), Keith Duckett? (middle row, left), Ronnie Mellor (middle row, second from right) and Martin Oxtoby (front row, middle). The school, situated on Featherbank Lane, was later the site of Featherbank Junior School and is now Featherbank Primary School.
[32]Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School, class 2B (Horsforth)
Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School, class 2Bc1955-56. View shows class 2B of Horsforth Secondary Modern School, along with their teacher, Miss Crossley, seated in the centre. The pupils, as named by Kenneth Baldwin who supplied the photograph, are:- Back Row: unknown, Stuart Tennant, Richard Patch, Neil Metcalfe, Ken Baldwin, Peter Ward, unknown, Clive Batterick, Ian Rolfe; Second row from back: unknown, unknown, Andrea Hardwick, unknown, unknown, June Whitham, Diane Smith, Linda Grey; Third row from back: unknown, unknown, Carol Ingle, Marie Teale, Angela Brooks, Angela Hudson, Pat Knowles, Christine Elliot; Front row: Neil Penicott, John Brieley, Graham Speight, unknown, Colin Moore, Paul Barratt. The school was situated on the site on Featherbank Lane which is now occupied by Horsforth Featherbank Primary School.
[33]Blenheim School, Nativity Play (Woodhouse)
Blenheim School, Nativity Playc1946-49. View shows pupils of Blenheim Infants School taking part in a Nativity Play. This scene, "The Shepherds in the Field", features boys from Class 1 who would be aged 6-7 years. The school was situated on Blenheim Walk.
[34]Blenheim School, Nativity Play (Woodhouse)
Blenheim School, Nativity Playc1946-49. View shows children of Blenheim Infants School taking part in a Nativity Play. This scene "Adoration" involves girls from Class 1, including Janet Freeman, who would all be aged 6-7 years. Blenheim Infants School was situated on Blenheim Walk.
[35]Signal Box, Cross Gates Station (Cross Gates)
Signal Box, Cross Gates StationDate unknown, View of Cross Gates East signal box, situated on the south side of the railway tracks. This signal box can also be seen in image 2017612_176155.
[36]Corrigan's Fairground Ride, Holbeck (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Corrigan1937. Image shows Corrigan's fairground ride, probably taken at the Holbeck Feast, held annually on Holbeck Moor on Elland road. The Corrigans were a well-known and successful family of fairground showmen.
[37]Eastgate and Headrow (City Centre)
Eastgate and Headrowc1960. View looking west up Eastgate towards Headrow. Appleyard's petrol station can be seen on the roundabout in the foreground, and leading off this is Eastgate, straight ahead, Lady Lane next on the right, and Bridge Street on the far right. Circle House can be seen on the right, the upper floors occupied by the Union of Garment Workers, with smaller shops on the ground floor. The Yorkshire Hussar public house is on the left at the bottom of Eastgate.
[38]Canterbury Chilled Meat Company, Kirkstall Road (Kirkstall)
Canterbury Chilled Meat Company, Kirkstall Roadc1910. Image shows the shop front of the Canterbury Chilled Meat Company at 295 Kirkstall Road. The shopkeeper is standing outside with two boys. All are wearing butchers aprons. The shop traded as Canterbury Chilled Meat from 1907 to 1914, when it became Albert Brook, butcher, and continued as such until at least into the 1960s. The shop was on the edge of the Cardigan estate, between Cardigan Crescent & Cardigan Row, and the area is now Kirkstall Industrial Park.
[39]Gilbert's Steam Bakery, Marsh Lane (City Centre)
Gilbert1920. Image shows Gilbert's Bakery at number 100 Marsh Lane, to the south of the junction with Shannon Street. A group of people, most likely the proprietor, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Gilbert, and bakery workers, are standing outside. Loaves of bread are displayed in the window, and a sign above the premises reads "First Yorkshire Steam Bakery, Established 1879". Playbills for the Empire and Hippodrome theatres are visible behind the group, and one has a date of 26th April 1920.
[40]Old Kings Arms, Headrow (City Centre)
Old Kings Arms, Headrowc1897. View of the Old Kings Arms at number 9 Lower Headrow, next to Atkinson's Court and Kings Arms Yard, the entrance to which is through the archways that can just be seen in the centre of the image. The licensee at the time was William Pickersgill, whose name can be seen at the top of the building, and on signs on the building front. The building is decorated with flags and garlands, possibly in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. There is a group of men and boys standing outside, and a man on the roof, possibly waiting for an event of some sort.