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[21]War Memorial, Gillett Lane (Rothwell)
War Memorial, Gillett Lane1920s. View shows the War Memorial at the junction of Gillett Lane, Commercial Street and Oulton Lane. On the left can be seen Edward Brothers bus service to Swillington. The war memorial was built and dedicated in 1923; the land was previously part of Whitehall Farm.
[22]Yorkshire Bow Caravan (Rothwell)
Yorkshire Bow CaravanUndated. Image shows a Yorkshire Bow caravan, with detailed carving and artwork, made by Wrights of Spibey Lane, Rothwell Haigh. The firm was started by William Wright in 1865, and the distinctive rounded top van was his design. His sons Albert and Herbert continues the business until the 1920s.
[23]Thatched Cottages, Leeds Road (Lofthouse)
Thatched Cottages, Leeds Roadc1903. View shows Leeds Road in Lofthouse, near to Town end, and looking towards the Rose and Crown In. Old single storey thatched cottages can be seen on the left. A tram is approaching on the line that ran north-south into Wakefield, whilst at the same time a pig is being driven along the road.
[24]Middleton Park Road, nos. 16 - 34 (Middleton)
Middleton Park Road, nos. 16 - 342014. View of a parade of shops on Middleton Park Road, seen from the junction with North Lingwell Road. From left are Sully's Balti Ranch, takeaway, at no. 34A, Pizza House at no. 34, Gateways News (32), Roman Barber Shop (30) New Fung Chinese Takeaway (28), Moreish Sandwich Bar (26), Partners Unisex Hairstyles (24), Chantry Vets (22), A. J. Fishing Tackle (20), Middleton Elderly Aid (18) and The New China Wok takeaway on the end at no. 16.
[25]Lingwell Park Court, Middleton Park Road (Middleton)
Lingwell Park Court, Middleton Park Road2014. View of a block of flats known as Lingwell Park Court on Middleton Park Road, by the junction with North Lingwell Road (right). The flats were redeveloped from the former Co-operative store that was previously on the site. On the left is no. 50 Middleton Park Road, while on the right CJ's Fish Bar and Andy's The Barber can be seen on North Lingwell Road.
[26]Ring Road Middleton, water tower (Middleton)
Ring Road Middleton, water tower2014. View of Ring Road Middleton showing Middleton water tower in the centre, by the junction with Town Street. The water tower was built in 1924.
[27]Middleton Park Avenue, from Middleton Park Circus (Middleton)
Middleton Park Avenue, from Middleton Park Circus2014. Looking south along Middleton Park Avenue from Middleton Park Circus. A row of shops on either side is followed by a long straight road of housing. On the left are Middleton Chinese, Greggs, Middleton Park Post Office and Sainsbury's Local, while businesses on the right include The Cracked Pot, hot and cold food, and Moby's traditional fish and chips. A no. 13 bus bound for Brackenwood can be seen.
[28]Thorpe Road, new housing (Middleton)
Thorpe Road, new housing2014. View shows new housing on the south-west side of Thorpe Road, stating with no. 78 on the left and continuing in descending order. These houses appear to be complete but construction work is still in progress on the opposite side of the road.
[29]Thorpe Road, junction with Acre Road (Middleton)
Thorpe Road, junction with Acre Road2014. View shows contrasting styles of houses on the Middleton housing estate. On the left are council-built semi-detached houses on Acre Road dating from the 1920s or 1930s. No. 58 is on the far left while on the opposite side numbers run from 79 to 73 from the junction with Thorpe Road. Turning the corner, newly-constructed houses on Thorpe Road can be seen running to the right edge, with numbers in descending order from 78 nearest the camera.
[30]Thorpe Road, construction (Middleton)
Thorpe Road, construction2014. View shows construction in progress of new houses on Thorpe Road, seen from the junction with Acre Road. On the right, no. 65 is under construction, followed by 63 and 61, while houses further along are nearer completion. Houses on the left hand side appear to be complete.
[31]Middleton Conservative Club, Ring Road Middleton (Middleton)
Middleton Conservative Club, Ring Road Middleton2014. View looking from the junction of Hopewell View and Middleton Park Road towards Middleton Conservative Club on Ring Road Middleton, built in 1939. To the right is no. 2 Ring Road Middleton.
[32]Middleton Park Circus, nos. 15 - 22 (Middleton)
Middleton Park Circus, nos. 15 - 222014. Image shows a parade of shops on Middleton Park Circus. From left are no. 15, Adams Hot Food Takeaway, no. 16 Fulton's Foods, no. 17 Earnshaw's Mini Market (selling fruit and veg, frozen food and flowers), no. 18 William Dodgson & Son Funeral Services, no. 20 Coral bookmakers and no. 22 Dash's toiletries and discount goods.
[33]Middleton Park Circus, nos. 15 - 24 (Middleton)
Middleton Park Circus, nos. 15 - 242014. View shows a parade of shops on Middleton Park Circus. From left are no. 15, Adams Hot Food Takeaway, no. 16 Fulton's Foods, no. 17 Earnshaw's Mini Market, no. 18 William Dodgson & Son Funeral Directors, no. 20 Coral Bookmakers, no 22 Dash's toiletries and discount goods, no. 23 Midway Pharmacy and no. 24A Modern Men Gents' Barbers.
[34]Throstle Lane, no. 46, Thorpe Street, no. 24 (Middleton)
Throstle Lane, no. 46, Thorpe Street, no. 242014. View shows semi-detached properties at the corner of Throstle Lane and Thorpe Street. On the left, no. 46 Throstle Lane is The Piping Hot Cooking Pot, café and sandwich takeaway. On the right, no. 24 Thorpe Street is being advertised as To Let.
[35]Tradesman's Wagon, Wrights Cart Builders (Rothwell)
Tradesmanc1907. Image shows a tradesman's wagon belonging to James Turner, carpet and rug dealer, outside the premises of Wrights cart and caravan builders on Spibey Lane, Rothwell Haigh. The firm was started in 1865 by William Wright, whose sons continued the business, also known for producing ornate caravans, until the late 1920s
[36]Vintage Car, Commercial Street (Rothwell)
Vintage Car, Commercial StreetUndated, possibly 1930s. Image shows Sam Ward in his car, outside his father's grocers shop at 31 Commercial Street, near the corner of Commercial Street and Marsh Street.
[37]Marsh Cottage, Marsh Street (Rothwell)
Marsh Cottage, Marsh StreetUndated. Image shows the house known as Marsh Cottage, at number 2 Marsh Street, on the junction wiht Butcher Lane. This view looks north. The cottage dates back to around the early 1800s and is Grade II listed. Previous residents have included Moses Preston, vetinary surgeon, in the 1830s, and later George Braime, whose family started the firm of Braime Steel Pressing Engineers of Hunslet.
[38]Post Box -Ineson's, Commercial Street (Rothwell)
Post Box -InesonUndated. Image shows the original letter box from Ineson's at 27 Commercial Street, when the Post Office was part of the shop. The Victorian face plate has been removed.
[39]New Road, Carlton (Carlton)
New Road, CarltonUndated. View shows New Road, Carlton, looking north from the junction with Town Street, Unity Street and Queen Street, as the roads are named today. The section of road was previously known as Town Street. The three groups of cottages on the far right are still in place, whilst on the left is now Carlton Primary School.
[40]Fanny Pit Chimney (Rothwell) (1 comment)
Fanny Pit Chimneyc1911. Image shows the chimney at Fanny Pit, off Bullough Lane, Rothwell, around the time the new shaft was sunk in 1911, To the right of the chimney is the engine house under construction, and below that can be seen the tops of the Lancashire boilers used to create steam power for the building work. Prior to this date the pit was known as Midland Pit.