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[1]Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place (Hunslet) (22 comments)
Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place4th June 1964 View showing the buildings and rear entrances of Bewerley Street Infant School. It was the first purpose built school to be erected by Leeds School Board and opened its doors to pupils on August 8th, 1873. It has classrooms with large, arched windows and behind the high wall, toilets are situated. By the 1950s, the school was for Juniors (7 – 11 Years), the Infants having moved to a school on Hunslet Hall Road.
[2]County Arcade, Mecca Locarno (City Centre) (228 comments)
County Arcade, Mecca LocarnoUndated, Photo possibly dating from the early 1960s, looking from Cross Arcade into County Arcade to the front of the Mecca Locarno Ballroom. This dancehall had opened on 3rd November 1938. Mecca closed in 1969 (a new venue had been opened in 1964 in the Merrion Centre). It became The Stone in 1983 then a cafe in 1994. Notices outside give details of admission prices, varying from 2/6d early on Sunday evening (12.5p) to 6/- (30p) on Saturday nights. A special event is promoted on the round advertisement 'Midsummer Nights Dream Carnival, Wednesday 24th June, 3 bands, hats, balloons, novelties, competitions, 3/6d (17.5p). On the left edge is Vicker's gift shop, on the left of the Mecca is Greenwood's menswear business. Elster shoe shop is on the right, then Banks music in the window is on the right edge.
[3]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (64 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[4]Cross Freehold Street nos. 10, 12 (Burmantofts) (8 comments)
Cross Freehold Street nos. 10, 12Undated, Two houses on Cross Freehold Street, number 12 is on the left, 10 to the right. In the early 1900s this site had been the Freehold Tannery. Photo taken in the 1950s, prior to redevelopment of the area.
[5]Marsh Lane, Brussels Street, North Eastern Railway Viaduct (Bank) (4 comments)
Marsh Lane, Brussels Street, North Eastern Railway Viaduct1899. At the time this photograph was taken much of the area around Marsh Lane was in the process of clearance and redevelopment. This view shows properties built under the arches of the North Eastern Railway viaduct. On the left, a man in formal dress stands in front of a pair of wooden doors in an old, single storey building. In the centre under an open porch a child stands next to a large mangle and there is a table, a barrel, a large tub and what appears to be a hip bath (behind the table). It would seem that laundry is undertaken here. A man is seated on a wooden box on the right and a woman stands behind the tub in the doorway.
[6]Buslingthorpe School, Meanwood Road (Woodhouse) (21 comments)
Buslingthorpe School, Meanwood Road23rd August 1967, Back view of Buslingthorpe School. The area in the foreground had been the site of Thackeray, Daisy and Hobson Street. Great Carr Cross Streets and what was locally called 'Buggy Park', an open space which children used as a playground.
[7]Back Row, Camp Fields (Holbeck) (20 comments)
Back Row, Camp Fields12th September 1938.Camp Fields area after housing clearance, showing public houses and remaining mills. Street lamp in foreground. The Grove Inn can be seen at the bottom of Back Row, Bricklayers Arms in the middle of Middle Row. Hope Mills, which at this time housed Denby and Spinks, upholstery works, is on the far left, on Front Row.
[8]Cockburn High School, Burton Road (Beeston) (154 comments)
Cockburn High School, Burton RoadUndated. View of Cockburn High School in Burton Road. It was named after Sir George Cockburn, a former Chairman of Leeds School Board and an educationalist. The school opened on 17th July 1902.
[9]Cottingley Hall School, Infants Class Photograph (Cottingley) (12 comments)
Cottingley Hall School, Infants Class Photographc1952/1953. Black-and-white image showing the infants of Cottingley Hall School posing for a class photograph. The photograph was taken in the school hall around 1952 to 1953. The boy with curly hair and wearing spectacles, standing at the back is Roger Willoughby. Standing at the far right is Brian? On the middle row to the far left is Carol Kelsey and on the far right of the row is Barbara Belton. Carol Bramwell is seated second from the right on the front row and Alan Marsden is sitting cross-legged on the floor to the left. Some of the children are wearing long, woollen socks for warmth and a few have their handkerchiefs pinned to their jerseys. Any other information would be appreciated.
[10]Burras Peake, Main Street (Garforth) (3 comments)
Burras Peake, Main StreetUndated. For many years on Main Street, Burras Peake was the only mens outfitters in Garforth. In the doorway the youngster is Harold Bramley with the manager, Jack Haswell.
[11]Beckett Street, Thackray Medical Museum (Burmantofts) (4 comments)
Beckett Street, Thackray Medical MuseumUndated. View of the Thackray Medical Museum on Beckett Street. Built in 1858-61 as Leeds Union Workhouse, it later became the Ashley Wing of St. James's Hospital. The museum opened on March 25th 1997, built around the collection of Paul Thackray, from the firm of surgical instrument makers started by Charles F. Thackray.
[12]Aerial View, Greenthorpe Estate (Bramley) (26 comments)
Aerial View, Greenthorpe Estate1963 On the left is Henconner Lane with Bramley Town end in the top left corner. Moving right, is the Wyther Estate across Stanningley Road. In the top right area are Armley Hill Top cemetery and St Mary's Hospital just below this are tower blocks and new housing which is the Poplar Estate. Below this, the Greenthorpe Estate, stretching down to Pudsey Road, with Armley Heights estate to the right.
[13]Old Peacock Yard nos. 83, 84 (Beeston) (7 comments)
Old Peacock Yard nos. 83, 84Undated, Two houses are visible in the centre of this view. Number 83 to the left, followed to the right by number 84. This is Old Peacock Yard. On the left in the background is the Old Peacock Inn which fronted onto Elland Road and faced the football stadium.
[14]Lyceum Picture House, Cinema Operator, George Bean (Burley) (3 comments)
Lyceum Picture House, Cinema Operator, George Beanc1950s. Image shows the projectionist at the Lyceum Picture House, George Bean, right, as he positions the lens. He had worked at the Lyceum Picture House in Cardigan Road for many years, from the early 1920s. He and his family lived at number 68 Burley Lodge Terrace. The Lyceum opened on the 7th May, 1913 with a programme of two evening showings each night and matinees on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It closed down on Saturday the 11th May, 1968, and the premises eventually became a Bingo Hall. The building, which stood at the junction of Cardigan Road with Thornville Road, is now demolished and a mini supermarket and a petrol station occupy the site.
[15]Whingate, no.4 (Armley) (3 comments)
Whingate, no.45th May 1932 No.4 is the house in the centre. Living there was John R. Pedley station master for the London and North East Railway. The house has a garden with low wall boundary topped with wrought iron railings. To the left, no.10 property of Henry Hick boot repairer. This view looks towards Hill Top Road.
[16]Rowland Road, Sunbeam Terrace (Beeston) (7 comments)
Rowland Road, Sunbeam Terrace16th September 1947.The junction of Rowland Road with Sunbeam Terrace, showing number 49 Rowland Road, (C. Parker T/A Sunbeam Fisheries).
[17]Balm Road, nos. 71-85, Woodhouse Hill Road (Hunslet) (17 comments)
Balm Road, nos. 71-85, Woodhouse Hill Road21st April 1959, View shows odd numbered side of Balm Road, nos. 71-85. On the left edge, the shop with the awning is number 71, C.Winterburn, a grocers. Moving right numbers 79 and 81, a stationers and a newsagents are both the business of E Tindall. Next right, number 83 is Hunslet Carr Post Office with a postbox outside. On the end of the row is J Bradbury and Sons, a butchers. This was number 1 Woodhouse Hill Road. Just visible on the right edge is an entrance to Macedo Square.
[18]St Alban Street nos. 7 - 15 (City Centre) (2 comments)
St Alban Street nos. 7 - 1514th September 1959 Image shows a row of large terraced properties on St Alban Street. Cars and vans are parked on the street and two men stand outside number 13 unloading boxes from a truck. By the late 1970s these buildings were replaced with the Leeds Register Office for births, deaths and marrages, opened in 1979.
[19]Hunslet Road no. 307 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Hunslet Road no. 3079th July 1959 Prince Albert Hotel, number 307 Hunslet Road, serving Samuel Smiths beer. The landlord was Charles Hargrave. Forster Street is on the left, Larchfield Street to the right, then Pitfield Street.
[20]Queen Picture Theatre, Meadow Road (Holbeck) (24 comments)
Queen Picture Theatre, Meadow RoadUndated, This theatre, built south of the river, opened at Christmas in 1898. The proprietors were Messrs Dottridge and Longden and the managers were Charles Bush and T. Harvey Jessop. It originally seated 3,500 people and the building included refreshment rooms, 16 drawing rooms and 2 shops. It became a cinema in 1924 and was converted to have 916 seats. The first film shown , on 1st December 1924 was The Covered Wagon. It eventually closed on 19th October, 1957 and the last film shown was Attila the Hun. The building was demolished in 1968.