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Location - Leeds & District

[1]Calverley Street, Great George Street (City Centre)
Calverley Street, Great George StreetUndated, View looks down Calverley Street onto Great George Street. Originally Calverley Street finished here, until it was extended to meet Fenton Street, in 1914. On the left is the former Masonic Hall which was built in 1865, now used as O'Neil's public house. In the centre are properties which were demolished to allow for extension, including G. Horner's garage and automobile repairs which was also a Vulcan car agents. On the right is St George's Sign Works where Gawthorpe's Ltd had been based although a sign is visible in this view which states 'Owing to street improvements, We have removed to, 32 Park Place'.
[2]Lands Lane, general view (City Centre) (9 comments)
Lands Lane, general view7th July 1956. View looking north along east side of Lands Lane. People and traffic. Ross furs, Thornton's arcade, Mabane boot and shoe dealers, Mallories wine and spirit merchants and Benefit footwear visible. Headrow visible at end of street.
[3]Trinity Street nos. 22, 23, 24, 25, 12, 13 - 17 (City Centre) (4 comments)
Trinity Street nos. 22, 23, 24, 25, 12, 13 - 179th May 1930 View from Commercial Street to Boar Lane. On the left, number 22 is the Ostlers Arms, landlady Mrs Mary Ann Best. Sign details smoke room, home brewed mild and bitter beers, refreshments. At number 23 were George Rushton's Dining Rooms. Number 24 was multi-occupied including Marshall Brothers carriers, and P. Thomson shipping agent. Number 25 was also used by various companies including James H. Thompson engraver, Arthur Myers printer and the Atlas Express Company. On the right, sign for Johnson's Engravers Ltd, this was number 12. Clock and sign for Yorkshire Evening News newspaper and publishing company can be seen, this business occupied numbers 13 to 17.
[4]Queen Victoria Street, nos. 6 - 18 (City Centre)
Queen Victoria Street, nos. 6 - 1821st January 1980. View of the north side of Queen Victoria Street, showing shops, from left, no. 6 - 8 Readicut wool shop, 10 Boodle-am fancy boutique, 12 Cameron Beamont optician, 14 Oliver meanswear and 16 Halford's Bakers and Restaurant. The area is a pedestrian precinct lined with seats and with bushes in containers.
[5]Greenmount Villa, Marshall Street (Holbeck) (8 comments)
Greenmount Villa, Marshall Street22nd March 1945. View shows Greenmount Villa, a large detached derelict house on Marshall Street. A strange building can be seen in the background to the right. The house has a metal gate and railings. There is a wasteground in the foreground.
[6]Lands Lane, general view (City Centre) (11 comments)
Lands Lane, general view7th July 1956. View looking south along Lands Lane from the Headrow. Benefit footwear, Mallories wine and spirit merchants, Campbells home furnishers, Theatre Royal, Ross furs, John Peter's, Albion Place and church visible.
[7]Old George Hotel, Lower Briggate (City Centre) (8 comments)
Old George Hotel, Lower BriggateUndated. Taken in the early 1900s, view of the Old George. Originally opened in the 17th Century as 'Ye Bush'. About 1714, the name was changed to 'The George', the 'Old' was added around 1815 when the George and Dragon opened in the vicinity. It was sometimes referred to as Simpsons Commercial Hotel, Charlotte Bronte had once stayed there. It was closed around 1919. Sign writers are at work, for Farrar Signs of Leeds. The painted advertisement details 'Gentlemen's Smoking Concert Every Evening', and 'Splendid Home Brewed Ales'.
[8]Albion Street, St. John's Centre (City Centre)
Albion Street, St. John1988. View of Albion Street showing St. John's Shopping Centre, opened in 1985. The Leamington Spa Building Society and National Provincial Building Society are among businesses occupying premises around the outside. On the left, past the junction with Merrion Street, is the Merrion Centre on Woodhouse Lane.
[9]County Arcade, Mecca Locarno (City Centre) (245 comments)
County Arcade, Mecca LocarnoUndated, Photo possibly dating from the early 1960s, looking from Cross Arcade into County Arcade to the front of the Mecca Locarno Ballroom. This dancehall had opened on 3rd November 1938. Mecca closed in 1969 (a new venue had been opened in 1964 in the Merrion Centre). It became The Stone in 1983 then a cafe in 1994. Notices outside give details of admission prices, varying from 2/6d early on Sunday evening (12.5p) to 6/- (30p) on Saturday nights. A special event is promoted on the round advertisement 'Midsummer Nights Dream Carnival, Wednesday 24th June, 3 bands, hats, balloons, novelties, competitions, 3/6d (17.5p). On the left edge is Vicker's gift shop, on the left of the Mecca is Greenwood's menswear business. Elster shoe shop is on the right, then Banks music in the window is on the right edge.
[10]Seacroft Shopping Centre, Queen's Court (Seacroft)
Seacroft Shopping Centre, Queenc late 1960s. View of Queen's Court in the heart of Seacroft shopping centre, part of the £1.25 million Civic Centre development opened in 1965. F.W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd. is on the left and Sovereign House offices on the right with the Sovereign pub on the ground floor.
[11]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (69 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[12]Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place (Hunslet) (23 comments)
Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place4th June 1964 View showing the buildings and rear entrances of Bewerley Street Infant School. It was the first purpose built school to be erected by Leeds School Board and opened its doors to pupils on August 8th, 1873. It has classrooms with large, arched windows and behind the high wall, toilets are situated. By the 1950s, the school was for Juniors (7 – 11 Years), the Infants having moved to a school on Hunslet Hall Road.
[13]Bertha Mount (Richmond Hill) (5 comments)
Bertha Mount10th November 1947. ertha Mount and Bertha Street viewed from wasteland in the foreground looking south-east. A large retaining wall separates the houses and wasteland.
[14]Victoria Inn, Hunslet Road (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Victoria Inn, Hunslet RoadUndated. Image shows a large group of men, all in bowler hats, outside the Victoria Inn on Hunslet Road. The inn was situated on the north-east side of Hunslet Road, at the junction with Victoria Street. The name above the door is Albert Edwin Charlesworth, who was licensee from about 1887 to 1905. The area was redeveloped in the 1970s, and is now occupied by industrial buildings.
[15]Main Street, Thorner (Thorner) (1 comment)
Main Street, ThornerUndated. Image shows a small group of children, some posing for the camera, on Main Street, Thorner, looking north-east towards St Peter's Church. The railway line can be seen crossing over the road, and to the right of the church, the Manor House is just visible.
[16]Belle Isle Beck (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Belle Isle Beck17th August 1949. Picture shows the parkside view of Belle Isle Beck. The whole foreground consists of grass and foliage. Two children are visible in the centre of the photo. Houses and factories can be seen in the background. There is a wall to the left with two boys and a bike behind it.
[17]Albion Street from the junction with Boar Lane (City Centre) (2 comments)
Albion Street from the junction with Boar LaneUndated. A policeman directs the traffic at the junction of Albion Street with Boar Lane in this C1920s view. Number 58 Boar Lane is visible at the right edge, with striped awning. It is the premises of Gowing, general draper. At the left edge is number 57, Salmon and Gluckstien Tobacconists. Looking up Albion Street to what is now the Headrow, the semi-circular street sign belongs to The Charles J. Fox Piano Co., piano manufacturers at number 30.
[18]Cross Belgrave Street, Wrens Hotel (City Centre) (9 comments)
Cross Belgrave Street, Wrens Hotel1970s. View of Cross Belgrave Street showing the Wrens Hotel on the left at the junction with Merrion Street. Named after its original owner Alfred Wren, it was opened in 1880. Further along are Leo Goldman, tailor, and R.L. Gowns. At the end of the block is Greenhills (Dress you Better) Ltd. of Belgrave Hall. The junction with Belgrave Street is on the right.
[19]Arndale Centre, Headingley (Headingley) (13 comments)
Arndale Centre, HeadingleyJune 1967. View shows the Bowling Alley and also Kentucky Fried Chicken. 2 women are on the street, one with a pushchair. A car is parked on the corner.
[20]Anchor Street, nos. 26-40 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Anchor Street, nos. 26-4024th June 1964. View shows back-to-back terraced housing on the north-east side of Anchor Street. The window and gate of no. 40 are on the left, the first doorway is no. 38 then numbers follow on in descending order to number 26 on the right.