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[1]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (64 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[2]Baby in a Victorian pram (West Ardsley) (5 comments)
Baby in a Victorian pramUndated. This posed photograph was taken in West Ardsley by William Mann of East Bierley near Bradford. A woman, wearing a plain dark dress with leg of mutton sleeves, lace collar and starched white apron, is standing beside a baby in a Victorian perambulator. Prams were first seen around 1850 and became very fashionable throughout the Victorian era. They were seen as a status symbol because they were costly. The pram in the picture has high wheels and a hood to protect the baby from the elements. The baby, asleep, looks almost too big for it and is wearing a knitted bonnet. Image used courtesy of Peter Aldred. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[3]Kippax Hall (Kippax) (4 comments)
Kippax HallUndated, Although this postcard photograph is captioned 'Kippax Old Hall', there was, in fact, an earlier hall on the site. According to 'A History of Kippax' by the Kippax and District Historical Society, the first hall was 'either a replacement or (an extension) of the Capital messuage described in the purchase of the manor by William Medhurst' and was L shaped. An illustration of the first Hall can be seen in this book on p.70. It later became a private school before it was demolished to make way for the new Hall. A late Victorian mansion built by William Green and sons for Alderman Breffitt, who was a glass-maker from Castleford. When the building was finished it was divided into separate residences, Wm Green and his family occupying a section. It was eventually demolished and a supermarket built on the site. The United Free Belgrave Chapel is on the left of this old postcard view.
[4]Green Lane Council School, Green Lane (Wortley) (28 comments)
Green Lane Council School, Green Lane1986. View of Green Lane Council School, formerly Green Lane Board School, located on the west side of Green Lane and now demolished. The school, constructed in red brick in 1874, incorporated a rooftop playground for the girls. The classrooms were located on the first floor beneath the series of decorative arches. Boys and girls were taught separately with the boys classrooms on the right and the girls left, The central arch on the ground floor was flanked by the girls' cookery rooms, left, and the boys' woodwork workshops, right. The central arch was, at one time, open at either end and provided shelter for the pupils during wet playtimes. Green Lane Board School was opened on 11th November 1874 by the Chairman of Leeds School Board, Sir Andrew Fairbairn. The children were organised into classes on 20th November and the school was described as in a 'very unfinished state' on 27th November, with only three classrooms in use. Within a short time the school was catering for 1,035 pupils from ages three to twelve or thirteen.The School Boards were abolished in 1902 by an Education Act and Education Committees from the Town and County Councils were appointed to take control of elementary education, hence the name change to 'Green Lane Council School'.
[5]Berking Avenue (Richmond Hill) (9 comments)
Berking Avenue12th October 1950. View looking down Berking Avenue from York Road, with the premises of John Curtis & Son Ltd, store equipment, on the right and Hardy's Motor Radiator Company on the left. York Road has tram tracks and overhead power lines. A car, lorry and lamp post are also visible.
[6]Richard Kemplay's Academy (City Centre)
Richard KemplayUndated. Image shows engraving of Richard Kemplay's Academy for Young Gentlemen on St John's Place, later the site of Nash's Fish Restaurant. The engraving is by Scott and shows a large house in well tended gardens. A man is sitting under a tree.
[7]Aerial View of Clifford Looking north (Clifford) (4 comments)
Aerial View of Clifford Looking north1988. Aerial view of Clifford looking north. The road travelling upwards is Bramham Road, then at the junction the left hand fork is Willow Lane and the right hand, the High Street. The large group of buildings seen centrally are Northways School and Nunnery House. St. Lukes' Church is visible below these.
[8]Aerial View, Wortley and City Centre (Wortley) (12 comments)
Aerial View, Wortley and City CentreUndated, Aerial view of Wortley area showing the railway into Leeds City and Central Stations. To the left, just below the centre, large rectangle of land is Wortley Cemetery. Moving across to the right is Copley Hill railway junction and Holbeck. At the top edge (not visible without magnification) are the Merrion Centre which opened in 1964 and Quarry Hill Flats which were demolished by 1978. Below the gasometer in the centre are cleared areas of land which would become the sites of the blocks of flats, Clyde Grange and Clyde Court, built in 1968, and Wortley Towers and Wortley Heights, built in 1966. This gives a date between 1964 and 1966 for the photograph.
[9]Priest's House, thought to be (Bardsey) (3 comments)
PriestNovember 1905. This old stone built property is thought to be the Priest's House according to the book 'Bardsey-cum-Rigton' by Cannon published about 1909. It is detached, on two storeys with mullioned windows flanking a central doorway. Another building is visible in the background to the right.
[10]Roundhay Road, nos.271-291 (Harehills) (7 comments)
Roundhay Road, nos.271-29130th June 1966. View from Harehills Corner (the junction of Roundhay Road and Harehills Lane) showing a row of shops on Roundhay Road numbered (from left) 271 to 291. These include John Gilpin Ltd., bakers and confectioners at no.277, Crockatt's cleaning at 279, Ainley (Leeds) Ltd., electrical engineers 281, Doreen Ladies' Fashions 283 and the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society on the corner at no.291.
[11]Aerial View, Wellington Road (Wortley) (46 comments)
Aerial View, Wellington RoadUndated, Aerial view of Wellington Road and railway lines, Wortley. Wellington Road is on the left side of the photo, running from the centre bottom to the top left at an angle. Wortley gas works is in the top left corner. In the bottom right, corner is Wortley railway sidings and Copley Hill junction. The railway runs into Leeds.
[12]Aerial View, Greenthorpe Estate (Bramley) (24 comments)
Aerial View, Greenthorpe Estate1963 On the left is Henconner Lane with Bramley Town end in the top left corner. Moving right, is the Wyther Estate across Stanningley Road. In the top right area are Armley Hill Top cemetery and St Mary's Hospital just below this are tower blocks and new housing which is the Poplar Estate. Below this, the Greenthorpe Estate, stretching down to Pudsey Road, with Armley Heights estate to the right.
[13]Meanwood Road (Buslingthorpe) (24 comments)
Meanwood RoadNovember 1981. Image shows a view looking north up Meanwood Road from the junction of Cambridge Road. On the left are a parade of shops including a newsagents selling Silk Cut cigarettes, an electrical shop and the Rosco clothing company. In the foreground is a zebra crossing and in the distance Sugar Well Hill.
[14]Black Horse, Mabgate (Mabgate) (3 comments)
Black Horse, Mabgate1964. View of the Black Horse public house on Mabgate. This site was originally Mabgate Hall. Built in 1673, this later became the Black Bull Inn. This was rebuilt in 1868 and became the Black Horse.
[15]Elmete Lane, Beechwood, aerial view (Roundhay)
Elmete Lane, Beechwood, aerial viewUndated. Aerial photograph of Beechwood. The Beechwood Estate, "Lupton House", dates from the Georgian period, circa 1820s, and was Grade II listed by English Heritage in 1975. The seat of the prominent Lupton family, Beechwood had been purchased by 1861 by Francis Lupton Esq. (died 1884). By 1870, Francis Lupton was also the owner of two other estates; Potternewton Hall (in nearby Potternewton) and its adjoining Newton Hall - owned by his brother Arthur since the 1840s. On the photo's top right hand corner is a walled kitchen garden attached to the house. As landed gentry, Beechwood typically provided for the Lupton family's enjoyment of polo, hunting and tennis - see tennis court at bottom of photo. Much of Beechwood's extensive farmland was sold by the 1950s to create the Leeds council estate/township of Seacroft. Beechwood remained in the Lupton family until 1998. In 2015, Beechwood, including its former stables, gatehouse and servants wings, is used for offices.
[16]Reginald Terrace, nos.21 - 37, rear view, prior to demolition (Chapeltown)
Reginald Terrace, nos.21 - 37, rear view, prior to demolition1980s. Rear view of derelict terraced housing on Reginald Terrace taken shortly before demolition in the mid 1980s. Rubble is piled up on the left where houses have already been demolished. No. 37 is the nearest house to the camera still standing and numbers follow on in decending order to the right.
[17]Roundhay Road County Primary School, Roundhay Road (Sheepscar) (22 comments)
Roundhay Road County Primary School, Roundhay Roadc1976. Image shows Roundhay Road County Primary School, located in Roundhay Road between the junctions of Enfield Street and Grant Street. It was originally a board school. Articles in the Leeds Mercury in the February and May of 1877 document the meetings of the Leeds School Board. It was reported at these meetings that the finance has been approved for ths and other board schools. Roundhay Road Board School opened in the November of 1878. The school is now demolished and the site is occupied by warehouses.
[18]Boroughgate, number 96, Tommy's Cafe (Otley) (6 comments)
Boroughgate, number 96, TommyMay 1981. Image shows Tommy's Cafe, located at number 96 Boroughgate. It was well known locally and much used by cyclists passing through Otley for many years. A sign in the window advertises 'pie & peas'. The entry for Tommy's Caterers, at this address, in the Thompson Local directory for 1981/82 reads "Whatever the occasion I will make it a feast at prices you can afford". The newsagent, D.& J. McCann at number 92 Boroughgate, is displaying a billboard with the headline "Ripper Verdict", referring to the trial of serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe, otherwise known as "the Yorkshire Ripper". Number 96 Boroughgate, the former Tommy's Cafe, is nowadays the premises of Cucina Pizza, a takeaway food establishment.
[19]Spring Grove Maltings (Burley) (1 comment)
Spring Grove Maltings5th July 1936. Spring Grove Maltings at corner of Alexandra Road & Thornville Road, formerly John Smith's Ltd. Photograph was taken in connection with work on a relief sewer in Brudenell Road.
[20]Stoney Rock Lane nos. 62A, 62 (Burmantofts) (13 comments)
Stoney Rock Lane nos. 62A, 622nd June 1939 In the centre, bakers shop also selling cigarettes and sweets. This was number 62A, owner Agnes Louise Nurse. This is the junction with Doris Avenue. The shop has a blind down over the window with 'ices' printed on it. On the wall, posters for Leeds Empire Theatre, Lux soap and local cinemas, the Star and the Hillcrest. Moving right, house and shop, number 62, premises of Thomas Eggleston fish shop. On the right is Back Doris Grove.