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[1]Cockburn High School, Burton Road (Beeston) (131 comments)
Cockburn High School, Burton RoadUndated. View of Cockburn High Scool in Burton Road. It was named after Sir George Cockburn, a former Chairman of Leeds School Board and an educationalist. The school opened on 17th July 1902.
[2]Briggate, No. 163 - 166 (City Centre)
Briggate, No. 163 - 16620th November 1980. Colour photograph of the east side of Briggate showing nos. 163 - 166. Shops include Fingernail Elegance, Manicurist, at no. 164, Economic Carpet Co. Ltd. at no 165 and Sang Sang Chinese restaurant with Peppino, gents' hair stylist, above. Cars are parked on the road. Scaffolding surrounds a building undergoing renovation on the left.
[3]Beckett Street (Burmantofts) (12 comments)
Beckett StreetUndated, This image shows a walled in grassed area at the rear of the Cemetery Tavern at number 132 Beckett Street.
[4]Briggate, Horse Vehicle (City Centre) (1 comment)
Briggate, Horse Vehicle1898, Horse drawn vehicle, at the corner of Kirkgate and Briggate. This was once the site of the Buck Inn, in this view it was Matthias Robinson department store.
[5]Beckett Street nos. 94 - 102 (Burmantofts) (14 comments)
Beckett Street nos. 94 - 102Undated, Image shows a parade of shops on Beckett Street. On the far left at number 102 is the Elliot fisheries with Gallons Ltd, grocers at number 100 on the right. In the centre at number 98 is W. Bradshaw electrical store with the L & S Lowes drapery store on the right at number 96. On the far right at number 94 is the H & H Colley newsagents selling cigarettes, confectionery and some groceries.
[6]Clarence Road at the Junction with Hazelhead Street (Hunslet)
Clarence Road at the Junction with Hazelhead Street15th August 1961, Looking across Clarence Road to the junction of Hazelhead Street. A group of four children sit on the pavement outside no 2 Hazelhead Street on the corner. A long view of Clarence Road can be seen beginning at no 29 on the left and ascending in odd numerials. A board on the wall advertises 'Seacroft Show and Gala.' The houses are through and the backs can be accessed from Hazelhead Place.
[7]Sewerage Thorpe Stapleton (Knostrop)
Sewerage Thorpe Stapleton27th March 1953. Showing the trench containing the Terracotta sewer pipe which is damaged in several places. Note the carpenters rule being used as a datum mark. In the background can be seen telegraph poles, some factory chimneys and part of Knostrop power station.
[8]Dolphin Street, Richmond Road (Bank) (3 comments)
Dolphin Street, Richmond Road1929. View looking down Dolphin Street to Richmond Road. The building to the left and the corner house are due to be demolished. Cobbled street, dog stood in the middle of the road. A man and woman stand in front of the first house on the right. A man stands outside the second and a boy sits on the kerb. In view is 29 Dolphin Street - a shop owned by Cornelius Fitzsimmons.
[9]Lady Pit Lane no. 20, Rigg Street no. 7, Shakespeare Inn (Beeston) (2 comments)
Lady Pit Lane no. 20, Rigg Street no. 7, Shakespeare Inn13th April 1959 On the left edge of this view is Harry Bolton's bakers and confectioners which was at number 20 Lady Pit Lane. On the right is the Ramsdens Ales owned Shakespeare Inn, which had Fred Smith as the landlord at this time and had a smoke room to the left and a tap room to the right. This area was substantially altered after slum clearance.
[10]Hall Road (Armley) (7 comments)
Hall Road6th September 1945. View looking south up Hall Road towards the Air Raid Warden's post. A streetlamp and a telephone pole are prominent.
[11]Roundhay Park Bathing Pool (Roundhay)
Roundhay Park Bathing Pool2nd July 1907. View of swimming baths. Changing cubicles visible on the right, bathers and onlookers can be seen. These public baths were opened on the 19th June 1907 at a cost £1,657 and were built by the unemployed.
[12]Kirkgate Market, selling cauliflowers (City Centre)
Kirkgate Market, selling cauliflowers1979. View of stall holders in Kirkgate Market. The young man in the foreground smiles at the camera as he sorts out some of his takings. Next to him is a pile of cauliflowers. Behind him are other workers and a set of balance scales. This is the outdoor section of Kirkgate Market.
[13]Beckett Street, no 5 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Beckett Street, no 51956, Number 5 Beckett Street, also known as Belmont House is visible in this view. Although a private residence at this time, this property was later used as premises for Leeds Anglers Club.
[14]Appleyard of Leeds (Sheepscar) (36 comments)
Appleyard of Leeds31st May 1929. View of the premises of Appleyard of Leeds Ltd. at the junction of North Street with Sheepscar Street South. Shows car showroom, garage and petrol pumps. The company was started by John Ernest Appleyard who opened his first business on Park Row in 1919. The North Street garage opened in October 1927.
[15]Visit to Leeds Maternity Hospital, Hyde Terrace (Woodhouse) (23 comments)
Visit to Leeds Maternity Hospital, Hyde Terrace7th March 1927 An official visit to the Leeds Maternity Hospital, at that time in Hyde Terrace. Greeting the new arrivals are the Lord Mayor, Alderman Hugh Lupton, right of centre, and the Lady Mayoress, Ella Lupton. The lady nursing the new born in the centre is Mrs Austyn Barron, co-opted member of the Maternity and Child Welfare sub-committee. She is the wife of Austyn Barran to the left of her. Austyn P. Barran was the Director of John Barran and Sons Ltd. Wholesale clothing manufacturer. The Barrans lived at the Elois, Church Lane Chapel Allerton. On the wall above the corner bed is a plaque saying 'Riley Smith Bed maintained by Mr W. Riley Smith'.
[16]County Arcade, Mecca Locarno (City Centre) (201 comments)
County Arcade, Mecca LocarnoUndated, Photo possibly dating from the early 1960s, looking from Cross Arcade into County Arcade to the front of the Mecca Locarno Ballroom. This dancehall had opened on 3rd November 1938. Mecca closed in 1969 (a new venue had been opened in 1964 in the Merrion Centre). It became The Stone in 1983 then a cafe in 1994. Notices outside give details of admission prices, varying from 2/6d early on Sunday evening (12.5p) to 6/- (30p) on Saturday nights. A special event is promoted on the round advertisement 'Midsummer Nights Dream Carnival, Wednesday 24th June, 3 bands, hats, balloons, novelties, competitions, 3/6d (17.5p). On the left edge is Vicker's gift shop, on the left of the Mecca is Greenwood's menswear business. Elster shoe shop is on the right, then Banks music in the window is on the right edge.
[17]Ark Royal Week, General De Gaulle (City Centre)
Ark Royal Week, General De Gaulle6th February 1942 Dense crowds outside Leeds Town Hall, in front of the steps are ranked servicemen and women. On the platform is General De Gaulle, who had been invited to make a speech and move the target indicator. The initial target amount had been £5 million, the total at the end of Ark Royal Week was £7,500,287. The final total was incredible, over £9 million.
[18]York Court (City Centre)
York Court6th April 1908 Situated off York Street, the Court formed an 'E' shape, so the one address seemed to be several small streets. This row of houses is ready for demolition. Two small children pose for the camera.
[19]Kirkgate Market, selling tomatoes. (City Centre)
Kirkgate Market, selling tomatoes.1979. View of smiling stall holders selling 'local grown tomatoes' in the outdoor section of Kirkgate Market.
[20]Cross Flatts Park Middle School, Harlech Road (Beeston) (19 comments)
Cross Flatts Park Middle School, Harlech Roadc1989. View of playtime at Cross Flatts Park School on Harlech Road, probably taken around 1989 at the time that it was Cross Flatts Park Middle. Previously it had been a primary school, with separate buildings for infants and juniors; the infants school was the small building on the left, while the junior school was the two storey building and is now back to being Cross Flatts Park Primary School again.