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Location - Leeds & District

[1]Bristol Street no 3,5,7,9 (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Bristol Street no 3,5,7,95th May 1959 To the left a factory can be seen which was Clarke (Dritex)Ltd, raincoat manufacturers, Stamford Works, Cross Stamford Street. Bristol Street has number 3 on the left corner, the gap in the building line denotes the line of Sheepscar Beck> Next moving right are numbers 5,7,9. On the right is Henbury Street, a coal lorry is parked there.
[2]Selby Road, Isolation Hospitals (Garforth)
Selby Road, Isolation HospitalsUndated. View showing isolation hospitals on Garforth Cliff, including one for scarlet fever. The site off Selby Road is now occupied by Saville Brothers Garden Centre and a housing estate. Photo courtesy of Mrs. G. Lowe.
[3]Enfield Street, nos. 23,25 (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Enfield Street, nos. 23,2527th February 1961 Number 23 Enfield Street is on the left edge of this view, followed to the right by Florence Mawson's grocers and off-licence, at number 25. The road towards the right gives access to Enfield Yard and factory works off Manor Street.
[4]Belle Isle Road (Hunslet) (6 comments)
Belle Isle Road30th November 1950. Looking south south east, from south of the bridge near Sandon Place. The road sweeps uphill towards a barely seen group of houses and contains five traffic islands and two sets of tram lines. On each side at regular intervals stand posts which support electric cables and suspended street lights. Some houses are seen at the near left. Dominating the scene is a piece of rough ground with a road and wall. In the foreground a graduated wall and wooden fence run along the main road side. A detached brick house and garage are seen in the centre. In the far background there are the tops of a row of semi-detached houses. To the right are several brick semi-detached houses with large gardens some of which contain wooden sheds. One contains an Anderson shelter and one a greenhouse.
[5]Otley Road (Headingley)
Otley Road18th June 1937 View looks towards North Lane, on the left William Addison and Son, fish shop is number 15, with telephone number on the wall. Moving to the right, number 17 Harry Hanson, saddler. 19A is another shop of Addisons, this one a florists, number 19 James Smith cleaners and dyers. Percy Hutchinson has a butchers shop at number 21 Albert Ackroyd baker at number 23. Martins Bank has a branch at number 27. Road is busy, lorry towing plant machinery, cars, a removal lorry, double decker bus and a bike are all in view.
[6]Back Barrack Street, no.19, Cross Barrack Street, nos.9-13 (Sheepscar) (4 comments)
Back Barrack Street, no.19, Cross Barrack Street, nos.9-131st August 1958 Number 19 Back Barrack Street is to the left, the corner with Cross Barrack Street is in the middle of the view. Behind the street lamp is number 9, with 11 to the right and 13 is the shop on the corner with Clarence Street, on the right.
[7]Greenmount Terrace, number 43, interior of shop (Beeston)
Greenmount Terrace, number 43, interior of shopc1953-54. View of the interior of the grocery shop at number 43 Greenmount Terrace. The proprietor at that time was Mr. Robert Gatehouse, whose son Neil is seen in the picture with shop assistant Mrs. Eleanor Dacre. Mr. Gatehouse bought the shop from George Paylor in 1948 and in 1957 sold it to Mrs. Witt. Later, it is believed to have belonged to the Welburn family before being demolished in the 1970s. The shop, however, was frequently referred to as 'Skidmore's' by the locals, dating back to the time in the 1930s when it was occupied by Mrs. Lilian Skidmore.
[8]Craven Dairies Milk Cart (Woodhouse) (4 comments)
Craven Dairies Milk Cartc.1920 View shows a hand cart for Craven Dairies. The cart has been photograph while in the possession of George Ridsdale, a wheelwright living on Ashworth Street who was responsible for the building and upkeep of these types of vehicles.
[9]Elland Road, the Directors' Box in the West Stand (Beeston)
Elland Road, the Directors1989. Image shows the Directors' Box located in the West Stand at Elland Road Football Ground, home to Leeds United Football Club. Among the name plates displayed on the seating are those of William J. (Bill) Fotherby, Managing Director from 1988 to 1996 and Chairman from 1996 to 1997, Leslie Silver, Director and Chairman from 1983 to 1986 and Peter Ridsdale, Director and Chairman from 1997 to 2003.
[10]All Souls' Church from the first floor front bedroom window of number 1 Well Close Mount (Woodhouse) (9 comments)
All Souls1955. View of All Souls' Church taken from the larger front bedroom window of number 1 Well Close Mount. The road in the foreground is Blenheim Mount and the junction with Well Close Mount is just seen, left. The property on the left is number 2 Well Close Mount. The church stands at the junction of Blenheim Grove, which runs alongside the wall, and Blackman Lane, seen between the church and number 22 Blenheim Mount, towards the right. All Souls' Church was erected between 1876 and 1880 at a cost of around £20,000 to designs in the Early English style. It was built as a memorial to Dean Hook, who was Vicar of Leeds between 1837 and 1859. The church is still in existence but the properties in Well Close Mount are demolished and the site is now public open space.
[11]Stanks estate (Swarcliffe) (5 comments)
Stanks estate14th December 1954. View shows muddy fields at the site of the proposed Stanks housing estate between Stanks Lane and Cock Beck, north of Barwick Road. A row of houses can be seen in the background.
[12]Parade of shops on Beeston Road, nos. 134 - 124 (Beeston) (4 comments)
Parade of shops on Beeston Road, nos. 134 - 1246th July 1964, Looking across Beeston Road to parade of shops and businesses. The houses just seen on the far left are situated on South Mount Street. From the left in the parade at no 134 is Eric Nutter's Driving School, a member of the RAC and Haywood, Watchmakers & Jewellers, Jessie Leech Hair Fashions, Rawcliffe's Upholstery at nos. 130 & 126 and Jesse Stephenson Grocer's at no 128. Fred's Fish & Chips occupies no 124.
[13]Meanwood Road (Sheepscar)
Meanwood Road25th June 1955, View looking from Barrack Street along Meanwood Road. H Rayman, financier at 54 Meanwood Road is on the right. Advertising posters can be seen on cable end of building.
[14]Low Road no. 186 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Low Road no. 1865th August 1953 Part of a series taken above ground for Middleton Outfall Sewer. Showing the surgery of Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Wylie at number 186 Low Road, part of Ivor Villas. The brick terrace has sash windows with stained glass in the upper panes, and stone lintels. A dormer window is set into the roof. Above the ornate wooden door, Dr. Rodgers is written in stained glass, surgery in the downstairs window. Net curtains are in the upper windows. To the left, a low stone wall with railing and Low Road sign. Beyond the wall is Hunslet Nursery. In the foreground, the road with tramlines.
[15]Boar Lane (City Centre)
Boar Lane21st September 1999.View along Boar Lane towards City Square. On the left is Bar Censsa, then 33 Boar Lane which is Good News, newsagents. To the right is the bus interchange. A van and 3 cars wait at the traffic lights.
[16]Otley Road (Headingley)
Otley Road10th January 1938 Row of shops, on the left number 15 premises of William Addison and son selling fish, fruit and poultry. Painted on wall is a telephone and 'Fresh Arrivals Daily'. To the right, number 17 is Harry Hanson, saddler, next at 19A, florists shop also belonging to William Addison, a sign on the wall with the logo 'Flowers to any part of the World', 'The Mercury Way' with a picture of the God Mercury. At number 19 James smith, cleaners and dyers. Butchers shop premises of Percy H Hutchinson is at number 21.
[17]Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place (Hunslet) (23 comments)
Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place4th June 1964 View showing the buildings and rear entrances of Bewerley Street Infant School. It was the first purpose built school to be erected by Leeds School Board and opened its doors to pupils on August 8th, 1873. It has classrooms with large, arched windows and behind the high wall, toilets are situated. By the 1950s, the school was for Juniors (7 – 11 Years), the Infants having moved to a school on Hunslet Hall Road.
[18]Greenmount Terrace, number 43 (Beeston) (13 comments)
Greenmount Terrace, number 43c.1953-54 View of the grocery shop at number 43 Greenmount Terrace, seen from the Flaxton Street side. The proprietor at the time was Mr. Robert Gatehouse, whose daughter Christine is seen on a scooter in front of the shop window. Also in the picture is the shop assistant, Mrs. Eleanor Dacre, holding Mr. Gatehouse's son, Neil.
[19]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (66 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[20]Killingbeck Cemetery Gravestones (Killingbeck) (4 comments)
Killingbeck  Cemetery  Gravestones22nd December 1920. ew of three gravestones in foreground including names for 1919: James Proctor, Jane Reynard, Florence Hammel, Norah Archer, Lily Greenwood, Bridget Carroll; For 1920:John Gilmore, Robert McKenzie, William Lynch, Bridget Tiche, Catherine Malice, Edith Balmforth, John H Murrhy, Joseph Coates, Mary F.Fotherby, Daniel McBride, Edward Lamb, Rosina Bianchi, Richard Brennan, Joseph Adams, Thomas Cauley, Herbert A.Drabble, Jane Quigley, Arthur H.Hanley, Michael Haley, Johanna Carnar, John Pearson, Gordon Eldridge, Thomas Davis, Patrick J.Fleetwood, Arthur Hobson. Gravestones in the background may be able to be read with a magnifying glass. Large house seen over the wooden fence.