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Location - Leeds & District

[21]Morley Grange, Prime Minister, Herbert Henry Asquith and his daughter at a garden party (Churwell)
Morley Grange, Prime Minister, Herbert Henry Asquith and his daughter at a garden party24th July 1913. Photograph taken at Morley Grange, Elland Road, where a garden party is taking place in honour of the Prime Minister, Herbert Henry Asquith, centre. His daughter, Violet, is seated beside him holding a bouquet of flowers. The Mayor of Morley, William Law Ingle is standing behind Mr. Asquith and the Mayoress, his wife, Janet Ingle is seated beside the Prime Minister. Their small grand-daughter, Nancy, is placed next to Miss Asquith. Standing in front of the left-hand door pillar, and wearing a top hat, is Alderman Sam Rhodes, who was four times Mayor of Morley. The long-serving Morley Town Clerk, Fred Thackray, is on the second row, fourth from the right. It is said that, due to fear of demonstration by suffragettes who strongly disliked Mr. Asquith's policies, over 200 policemen were deployed around the house during his stay there. Research by Ronnie Barraclough. Photograph form the David Atkinson Archive.
[22]Roundhay Road, Grandways (Harehills) (2 comments)
Roundhay Road, GrandwaysUndated. View of Grandways Supermarket, converted from old shop properties on Harehills Parade, Roundhay Road, near the junction with Harehills Road. Grandways was a Yorkshire firm but the stores closed in 1992/93. Some were sold to the Argyll Group to become 'Presto' or 'Kwik Save'. The rest were renamed Jackson's. This store was converted back to individual shop properties.
[23]Aerial View, Holbeck Moor (Holbeck) (116 comments)
Aerial View, Holbeck Moor1963 Aerial view of Holbeck Moor district. Holbeck Moor Lane runs left to right across the centre with St Matthews Street/Top Moorside on the left. St Matthews Church is at the junction. In the centre are blocks of flats which were, with additional housing named after local worthies eg Hugh Gaitskell, Charles Jenkinson (Vicar of Holbeck and Labour councillor, responsible for building of Quarry Hill Flats). In the right foreground is Holbeck Moor.
[24]Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place (Hunslet) (24 comments)
Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place4th June 1964 View showing the buildings and rear entrances of Bewerley Street Infant School. It was the first purpose built school to be erected by Leeds School Board and opened its doors to pupils on August 8th, 1873. It has classrooms with large, arched windows and behind the high wall, toilets are situated. By the 1950s, the school was for Juniors (7 – 11 Years), the Infants having moved to a school on Hunslet Hall Road.
[25]Barwick Road, Stanks, nos. 38-42 (rear) (Stanks)
Barwick Road, Stanks, nos. 38-42 (rear)11th March 1963. Image shows the rear of nos. 38-42 Barwick Road, Stanks, near the junction with Penda's Way. Nos. 38 (left) and 40 are semi-detached through terraced properties each with a private garden. No. 38 on the left was listed as belonging to Miss A. Batty at the time this image was taken. Nos. 38 and 40 have since been demolished but no. 42 remains, though the renumbering of properties on Barwick Road has now made it number 142.
[26]Belle Vue Road No.9 (City Centre)
Belle Vue Road No.913th July 1964. Image shows a large brick built through terraced property owned by Mr.N.Singh. Two women in aprons stand at the entrance to the house while just visible on the left is No.5. The rear of this property faces onto Park Lane.
[27]Thwaite Mills, bridge over River Aire (Stourton) (6 comments)
Thwaite Mills, bridge over River AireUndated. View of the iron swing bridge over the River Aire at Thwaite Mills, which connected the Hunslet Goods Yard rail line to Stourton Goods Yard.
[28]Eastgate Roundabout, from Quarry Hill (City Centre)
Eastgate Roundabout, from Quarry Hillc1995. View looking west showing Eastgate Roundabout and beyond, taken from Quarry Hill, from the vantage point of what was Oastler House. It is dated from not long after the Department of Health building (Quarry House) was erected; the petrol station at the centre of the roundabout was closed at the time. The "book end" buildings at the bottom of Eastgate can be seen in the centre; the left hand one has since been demolished to make way for the new Victoria Gate development, as has the police station on the left. West Riding House can be seen in the distance in between. On the right, running parallel to Eastgate, is Lady Lane, with Circle House seen by the junction with Bridge Street.
[29]Proclamation of King George V in Pudsey Market Place (Postcard) (Pudsey)
Proclamation of King George V in Pudsey Market Place (Postcard)11th May 1910. Crowds have gathered in Pudsey Market Place to hear the proclamation of King George V on the decease of Edward VII (6th May 1910). The proclamation is being read by the Mayor of Pudsey at that time, Alderman Walter Forrest.
[30]Priesthorpe School, Priesthorpe Lane, Farsley (Farsley)
Priesthorpe School, Priesthorpe Lane, Farsley2000/2001 View of Pudsey Priesthorpe School, Priesthorpe Lane. The school is presently (October 2010) undergoing a BSF programme (Building Schools for the Future). This is a £15 million investment including replacement or refurbishment of buildings, a new roof, new library, lecture hall and fitness suite. I.T. facilities are to be upgraded and the sixth form accommodation will be improved. Approximately 1200 students attend Priesthorpe including around 160 sixth form students. It now has status as a Specialist Sports College.
[31]Commercial Street, shops (Rothwell)
Commercial Street, shopsUndated. View shows Commercial Street, looking east. On the far right is Kemshall's newsagents, and the shop to it's left is G.Ward's grocer's shop. On the far left is thought to be the sweet shop of Misses E&A Holt, and further along the street can be seen a sign for Bentley's Brewery, on the Coach & Horses Inn.
[32]Priest's House, thought to be (Bardsey) (3 comments)
PriestNovember 1905. This old stone built property is thought to be the Priest's House according to the book 'Bardsey-cum-Rigton' by Cannon published about 1909. It is detached, on two storeys with mullioned windows flanking a central doorway. Another building is visible in the background to the right.
[33]Stanhope Arms (Eleventh Earl) (Horsforth) (3 comments)
Stanhope Arms (Eleventh Earl)1922 Stanhope Arms, situated on Fink Hill, corner of Willow Green. Built as a dwelling house after 1750 for John Hardy, land agent for the Spencer-Stanhope estate. In 1842 it is being refered to as a public house. In 1970, the name was changed to the Eleventh Earl to avoid confusion with the Stanhope Hotel in Calverley Lane. In this view, the Salvation Army and scouts are parading with their bands.
[34]Elmwood Street no 94-108 (Little London) (2 comments)
Elmwood Street no 94-1081956, View of Elmwood Street, looking up towards Camp Road. On the left is number 108, children are in a playpen on the pavement. Moving right are numbers 100, 102, 94, the last houses on the right are derelict.
[35]Meanwood Beck, bridge (Meanwood) (32 comments)
Meanwood Beck, bridge9th October 1950. View looking south west along the footbridge over Meanwood Beck towards Woodhouse Ridge from the Woodlands Dyeworks on Wood Lane. A stone wall is on the left and metal railings are on the right. Houses and garages are in the foreground and a streetlamp is visible.
[36]Tong Road, New Wortley (Wortley)
Tong Road, New Wortleyc1910. Image shows Tong Road looking north-west from the junction with Fourteenth Avenue, seen on the right. Streets on the right are Avenues Fourteenth to Eighteenth, followed by Cross Albert Place. Shops visible are Pierson Brothers drapers at number 50, John Walter Catley, grocer at 52, Charles Williamson, fishmonger, at 54, Albert Harrison, grocer, at 58, Herbert Fletcher, butcher, at 60, and Edith M Hudson, milliner, at 62a, followed by Mount Pisgah United Methodist Chapel. On the left can be seen the railings in front of the Church of St. Mary of Bethany, the road Lodge View, and the premises of Willie Brooke at 31 Tong Road.
[37]Aerial View, Quarry Hill Flats (Quarry Hill) (82 comments)
Aerial View, Quarry Hill Flats1st August 1946 View looks from the south-west onto Quarry Hill Flats. Towards the left are two roundabouts connected by Eastgate. New York Road runs along the top edge of the flats past St Mary's Church and St Patrick's Church situated in the centre just above the flats. From the junction York Road runs to the right edge. St Peter's Street runs across the foreground with the centre of the bottom edge. Marsh Lane and the railway line are on the right.
[38]Aerial View, Leeds University (Woodhouse) (107 comments)
Aerial View, Leeds Universityc.1960 Leeds University, on Woodhouse Lane. In the left corner at the junction with University Road is Emmanuel Church, the University Chaplaincy. The old Yorkshire College buildings can be seen on the right side of University Road. Woodhouse Cemetery is behind the University, after clearance it was called St George's Field. Land has been cleared along Woodhouse Lane to the junction with Clarendon Road in preparation for the building of the Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering buildings. These were built between 1960 and 1963. In the top right corner, pre-fabricated housing, erected to ease the post war housing shortage. In the bottom right corner, Blenheim School is in view.
[39]St. Mary's Lane, looking towards Quarry Hill Flats (Mabgate)
St. Mary1977. View looking across to Quarry Hill Flats from the St. Mary's Lane area. The flats were in the process of demolition at the time. At the bottom of the image are buildings of Agnes Stewart C of E High School. St. Mary's Lane is on the left with St. Patrick's Parochial Hall on one side and St. Mary's Sunday School with The Convent behind on the other. On the far right is the edge of St. Mary's Church with St. Charles R. C. School behind. New York Road runs in front of Quarry Hill Flats.
[40]Wade Lane, site of Fairfax House (City Centre) (3 comments)
Wade Lane, site of Fairfax Housec1970-71. View shows a cleared area of land at the corner of Wade Lane and Merrion Street, with a notice advertising development of 45,000 sq. ft. of offices and showrooms, ready for occupation 1972, to be developed by Bernard Thorpe and Partners. This was to become Fairfax House, completed in 1972. The road to the right leads to Wade Yard, with a building numbered 17-19 Wade Yard visible just to the right of the sign. Behind this is Belgrave Street, with no. 13, formerly occupied by the caretaker of the Great Synagogue (hidden behind the sign) on the left, and nos. 21-25, the premises of H. W. Poole, surgical bootmakers, on the far right (this is seen more clearly on image 20081013_167515).