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[41]Le Prince's, 16 lens camera, 1887, Front view (Unknown) (20 comments)
Le Prince1887. Image shows the front view of Louis Le Prince's 16 lens camera built in 1887. Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince (1842-1890?) had applied for an American patent entitled 'Method and Apparatus of Producing Animated Photographic Pictures'. He returned to Leeds from the States in 1887 and began to further develop his cameras at Number 160 Woodhouse Lane, a workshop adjacent to Blenheim Chapel. Le Prince was assisted by his son Adolph, Joseph Whitley, a clever mechanic, J.W.Longley and local joiner, Frederick Mason of the firm William Mason and Sons, 150 Woodhouse Lane. The 16 lenses, as seen here, centre, act on two sensitive films. The first 8 operate on one film in rapid succession, then, as the first film is moved forward, the next 8 lenses operate on the second film. The shutters on the lenses are opened in the correct order by means of a system of 'mutilated gears' to which they are attached. Louis Le Prince went on to develop more compact, less noisy cameras at his workshop in Woodhouse Lane and is famous for his single lens camera, patented in 1888. With this he successfully produced short sequences of moving film. Louis Le Prince's first film was on 14 October 1888. It is known as the "Roundhay Garden Scene" as it was shot in the garden of Oakwood Grange, Roundhay. It is the first movie on the reel of film, the second being the more famous Leeds Bridge scene. For a film clip of the Leeds Bridge sequence seee http://www.archive.org/details/Leeds_Bridge_1888 For further information on Le Prince see the Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0392728/
[42]Barrett Fold, Wortley Lane (Holbeck)
Barrett Fold, Wortley Lane29th May 1930. Situated off Wortley Lane, prior to the junction with Domestic Street and Holbeck Lane. House and commercial property built around an unsurfaced yard. A bicycle is parked on the left.
[43]Lower Wortley Road, no 124 (Wortley) (2 comments)
Lower Wortley Road, no 12430th April 1936 View of John Watson's greengrocers shop on junction of Lower Wortley Road with Fawcett Lane, Leeds and Holbeck building society can be seen on left at No 126.
[44]Town End Yard (Bramley)
Town End Yard23rd February 1960 Rear of old workshop/storage buildings near Town End Yard. This view is taken looking from the gardens of number 10 Lower Town Street.
[45]Aerial View, Merrion Centre, Under Construction (City Centre) (2 comments)
Aerial View, Merrion Centre, Under ConstructionUndated, In the centre of the image is the Merrion Centre under construction in the early 1960s. The shopping centre and multi-storey are semi-built as is the carpark behind. However the site where Morrisons and Merrion House exist today has yet to be raised. Visible in the foreground is the white multi-storey building housing Kitson College, now the Leeds College of Technology. On the right of this is the College of Art, the Civic Theatre and the Central Higher Grade School on Woodhouse Lane with its flat roof, once used as a school yard. In the distance is Little London.
[46]Hyde Terrace, houses. (Hyde Park) (5 comments)
Hyde  Terrace, houses.15th April 1939. Hyde Terrace showing high wall in foreground and terraced houses in the distance. A car can also be seen in the distance.
[47]Royal Park Road (Hyde Park) (84 comments)
Royal Park Road23rd December 1968. Looking east along Royal Park Road across Queens Road towards Woodhouse Moor. People can be seen getting on a number 56 bus. R.H. Williams newsagent is on the left, and Queen's Road school on right. Queen's Road School opened on 28th September 1892, built to accommodate 1,367 pupils. The name was later changed to Royal Park School.
[48]Cottingley Hall Estate, plans (Cottingley) (183 comments)
Cottingley Hall Estate, plans15th July 1950. View shows the temporary accommodation layout for Cottingley Hall Estate.
[49]Aerial View, Elland Road (Beeston) (35 comments)
Aerial View, Elland Road1963 This aerial view looks from the Holbeck area in the foreground to Elland Road and Beeston. Elland Road is running across the top left corner at an angle, with Low Fields Road running from left to right (joining Gelderd Road on the right). Leeds United Football Club Elland Road stadium can be seen at the junction of the two roads. On the opposite side of Elland Road and a short distance south of the football ground is the Leeds Greyhound Stadium and track, it was demolished in 1982.
[50]Buckingham House (Headingley) (1 comment)
Buckingham House22nd April 1939 Headingley Lane with view of Buckingham House and boundary wall. The house was built around 1840, with later additions in the 19th century. It has been used as offices for the Social Services Department and has now been converted into flats.